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Cosmos X2 Blasts DSiWare Next Monday

Posted by James Newton

500 Point shooter inbound

Following the announcement of Cosmos X2 for DSiWare in June, the team at Saturnine Games has been in touch to let us know the game is set to blow up the service on Monday for 500 Points.

With a choice of weapons to upgrade, six stages and three bonus modes, this could be a tidy buy at 500 Points. We'll bring you a full review in a week's time, and check back before then for more information and video footage as soon as it arrives.

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Birdman said:

Hmm, some people will be excited for this ... as for me, I'll have to check it out after a review or two.



LuWiiGi said:

Looking forward to this one...hope it's not too short.
BTW I just joined NL! I've been visiting the site for ages so I'm familiar with all of it. I gotta say this is one of the nicest game sites I've seen on the Internet.



ErrorSupply said:

Something to look forward to this coming Monday. The weapons system sounds interesting, and I'm liking the retro look. "Only" 9 stages is plenty for a game of this type, BTW, provided they are of sufficient length and variety.
Hopefully it turns out well. The video of that other game on their site: "Antipole" looks like it would be a good fit for DSiWare.



James said:

@LuWiiGi Welcome to the site! I'm glad you like it here, and let me say I greatly admire your puntastic username.



MeloMan said:

Welcome, LuWiiGi, glad to have ya.

Wait, 9 stages? I thought James said 6 stages with 3 bonus modes? I'm confused?



MakeMyBiscuit said:

This looks interesting but I already ran out of space on my DSi!

Where's that firmaware update

I will be more excited about DSi Ware releases once I know I don't have to swap games out of my SD memory card to my DSi internal memory.

The last SD Card update on the Wii translated to me buying and enjoy a lot more VC and WiiWare games.

Come on Nintendo! Where is that DSi Update!



retrox said:

Varoennauraa 26 Aug 2010, 18:41 BST
4X Space game for Wii or DS...or 3DS please.

^^^THIS^^^. I do love a good shmup, though. I'll buy if it's not awful.



ErrorSupply said:

lol @ waiting for a review on a 5$ game. These are impulse buys, people. Do you walk by the snack counter at the grocery store checkout and say "Oh, that new Snickers bar looks good, but I need to read a review before I put down the pocket change and try it. This is why so many small time developers give the DSi Shop one shot, then give up. And if the review is anything less than a 9, it's "Guess I'll skip this one." or "Should have been 2$.".

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