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Art Academy Paints a Pretty Picture Inside UK Top Five

Posted by James Newton

It's obviously drawing people in

DSi owners will be familiar with Art Academy: First Semester and Second Semester, the artistic tools designed to help users discover their innate artistic talents. Recently released in cartridge form, the latest UK charts show it sitting inside the All-Formats Top 5, having jumped from 28th place in the previous week.

First-week sales were dogged by poor stock availability at retailers that prevented many would-be buyers from getting their hands on the virtual palette, but with fresh deliveries having reached retailers before the weekend the game claimed its place above EA's Madden NFL 11, Dragon Quest IX and other high-profile titles.

Currently pencilled in for a launch across North America on October 25th, we'll have an artistic critique of Art Academy shortly.


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3DS said:

i got it and it is soo awsome even if i only got it yesterday and have already entered a compo with it woop



Oregano said:

Dragon Quest IX is still no 4 on the individual formats chart, 4 weeks in a row now.



Cipher said:

The moral of the story is: if Nintendo wants their games to sell, they just need to put an iddle-widdle cutesy-wutesy Yoshi on the pack front! <3



Punny said:

The moral of the story: If you want a product to sell, put something cute on it. If it works for the toilet paper industry, it can work for Nintendo.



AVahne said:

Holy....well I already got First Semester so I doubt I'll buy the cartridge if it makes it to the Americas.



Yosher said:

I think I'll actually get this sometime. I've played the demo of it (which lets you draw an apple) and I have to say it's actually pretty good! I've been wanting to improve my drawing skills and this looks like a good way to do so.



Dodger said:

I want to learn to draw the little yoshi. Too bad I can barely draw trees and stickmen.



OldBoy said:

Definetly gonna get this at some point.My daughter will love it.
I keep wondering how great this could be on 3DS. Ya know, you draw a picture then the DS 3Di-fi's it. Awesome.



Morpheel said:

the good thing about art academy is that it somehow makes you able to draw nice things



B-ry said:

I learned a lot from First Semester, so I might pick up the cartridge at some point.

@ Victoria - very cool gallery

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