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Scott Pilgrim Movie Features Zelda Music, Gets Miyamoto's Thumbs-Up

Posted by James Newton

Upcoming film to include iconic tune

Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim comic book series is receiving the cinematic treatment and is due to launch in the next few months. Full of video game references – here's a complete list just for fun – it looks as though that gaming spirit will transfer over to the big screen adaptation, as an interview with director Edgar Wright shows.

Speaking with actor Michael Cera, Wright reveals that Nintendo mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto has seen the movie already in order to approve the inclusion of music from Legend of Zelda during a dream sequence. Whilst the interview doesn't reveal what Mr Miyamoto thought of the film, we now have a clearer idea where Michael Cera sits on the Super Mario Bros. 3 vs Super Mario World argument, helping us to sleep more easily at night.

It's a shame the upcoming game-of-the-film-of-the-comic won't be heading to Nintendo platforms, as it looks fantastic. At least longtime fans of the Big N can console themselves by listening to one of the company's many iconic tunes in the film and know that Mr Miyamoto approves.


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citizenerased said:

The comic book, yeah. And yeah the video game inspired by the film/comic books looks great, shame it's not coming to WiiWare.

Given that Michael Cera's the main character, I'm sure this will probably be the best film that has something to do with video games (while not an adaption, that's close enough for me).

I've recently purchased the first few volumes, hopefully I'll ge to finish reading it before seeing the film.



Popyman said:

The game not being on the Wii is a crime against humanity. I HATE Ubisoft.



beauhappyday said:

Really? Pixelated could-have-been-made 15 years ago Scott Pilgrim game is not coming to Wiiware? What the heck?



Raylax said:

Well that's kind of weird. I read that exact UGO article yesterday whilst randomly browsing the web. UGO's not even a site a regularly visit either. Go figure.



Maxsh said:

Well, it's official. Scott Pilgrim is now the greatest thing ever.
Scott Pilgrim Movie = Zelda Music + Micheal Cera + Scott Pilgrim
Scott Pilgrim Game = Anamanaguchi + Paul Robertson + Scott Pilgrim

Greatest thing in existance.

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