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Nicalis Drops Hints at Further Pixel Ports

Posted by James Newton

Updated website includes a few clues

Cave Story is still yet to be released outside of North America, but Nicalis has already started putting out a few hints that it may have further collaborations with Japanese super-talent Pixel.

The site's latest blog entry shows an intriguing image of two characters from Pixel games Ikachan and Guxt. Like Cave Story before, these are both freeware games already, and despite a quizzical Tweet last year where the company casually asked about which title gamers would prefer to see on DSiWare there's nothing else to go on.

Is Nicalis just teasing or does it have further plans to bring more Pixel games to the wider world? When we know, you'll know.


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Slapshot said:

Hopefully the pricing will be better on these. Cave story is free online buy yet on wiiware it cost more than the average game. I just downloaded the free version because of the price hike.



Golgo said:

just get cave story and la mulana out, then we'll talk the 'next' thing...



Peppy_Hare said:

Cave story costs a little more because it includes downloadable content that was originally gonna cost extra. Believe me, this game is easily worth it's asking price and far better (especially control-wise) than the free-ware version.



ZarroTsu said:

Ikachan and Guxt would make pretty good DSiWare if they're priced at $2~$4. I somehow expect them to turn the music all to blueberries before release, however.

Unfortunately when you actually play the game, you begin to notice the gfx changes less and less, while you notice how god awful the music and sfx are more and more. Moreover, the 'new' sfx tend to drown out the 'old' music unless you set the volume quite low, so * TING*TI-TING*TING*TING*T-T-TING*TING*TI-TING*TING*TING*T-T-TING *



EdEN said:

@slapshot82: Yes you can get Cave Story for free on the net but the extra modes, the new music and new graphics were created just for the Wiiware version which is great and the 1,200 points isn't that much really.

@ZarroTsu: Well, pricing would have to either fall on 200 or 500 (no in between on DSiware). For me releasing each game at 500 points would be worth it.



Marvelousmoo said:

I hear a lot of complaining about the new music of cave story. I particularly like it and think it is just as good as the old music. It manages to stray a little more away from retro sounding, but it still holds on to it. Most of the complaining is about the lack of drums in the music, but I guess I prefer music without drums all the time because then the music would lose its emotion. I would like to see drums in the field musics like "mischievous robot" and "scorching back", but I think the purpose of titles such as "pulse" and "living waterway" would be diminished with drums.



ZarroTsu said:

Those "Extra modes" can be found for free as well. There are several hundred cave story mods that have been made by fans, including ones I've made, that are each a means of personal expression, or something someone might want to play. Of these, there are DOZENS of "Curly Brace" mods, and there is a Boss rush mod that is far better than the crap Nicalis put together. All of these are free. $12 vs $0. HMMMMM.

The only reason for paying for CaveStory Wii is as a donation to Pixel. Unfortunately, I think Nicalis will likely have more control out of the funding demands, and Pixel may only get less than half of this.

Please direct your attention to the words "Cave Story Remix", inclusive or exclusive the word "Project" at the end, and search either word combination on Youtube. Listen to the remix "Never Die", and say that again, that CSWii's music is remotely likable. I assure you Nicalis could have done a bucketload better than they did, but they didn't. There were hundreds of complaints to their music when they released demo videos, but they refused to listen to the complaints of fans, and kept the same loud buzzing that you (dare) consider music.



Sean_Aaron said:

If Nicalis does as good a job with these as they did with Cave Story, then I'll be happy to buy. I just hope if it's DSiWare they remember to have a Japanese release!



47drift said:

How about they release the much awaited patch for Cave Story before they release new things? Hm?

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