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E3 2010: Nintendo's Press Conference Highlights

Posted by James Newton

Miss the show? Catch the highlights reel

We brought you live text updates from Nintendo's press conference, but sometimes there's excitement only seeing things in motion can bring. Now you can live – or relive – all those cherished memories of times gone by with this highlights compilation from the show.

From Satoru Iwata showing off the 3DS to Shigeru Miyamoto jumping onstage to unveil Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, it's hard to deny Nintendo had an extremely strong show this year that once again cemented its position at the forefront of the games industry.

If you've missed anything else then don't worry, we'll have a round-up post available shortly that will fill you in on everything that might have slipped by.

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JamieO said:

This video has been put together brilliantly, it is great to see Nintendo's conference highlights all in one snappy 4 minute video.

Cheers Nintendo Life.



timp29 said:

Its all zelda baby! Sad about the 2011 release, but I would prostitute myself to be behind the scenes on its development.



Splat said:

Talked about the 3DS to much for my liking but I have never been a fan of hand held games.



Iggy said:

Nintendo killed E3 this year im extremely happy. There just going to be so many great games coming out and plus i cant wait to get a 3DS!

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