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Super Mario Galaxy 2 Gets Bundled

Posted by James Newton

Edge magazine gives 10/10, UK preorder bonus too

Despite pretty much universal acclaim for the first Super Mario Galaxy, it wasn't the biggest-selling game in the Wii's library, its sales eclipsed very early on by New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Clearly Nintendo thinks the upcoming sequel will shift more units, as stories have appeared on the Internet today regarding a pack-in bundle.

Containing everything in your standard Wii as well as a copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2, the mention was swiftly taken down from the original article over at MCV – though tellingly the original URL still works – but not before being picked up on by sites including VG247. File this one as a strong rumour for now.

Two other bits of Galaxy 2 news to whet your appetites: widely-respected UK magazine Edge has given the game a top 10/10 rating, making it the twelfth game in the magazine's history to receive the top score.

Slightly less exciting is the news that GameStation is offering a money tin to all customers who preorder the title, not unlike the tin offered with last year's New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Our lucky North American readers can finally explore the game's wonders on May 23rd, whilst Europeans gnash their teeth enviously until June 11th.


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wiiplayer26 said:

Nintendo is going to do that? If they do that I bet by the end of the year, there is going to be a wii in every home.



Cipher said:

Surely this'll be for the new Wii package (at least, new in North America) rather than for the old one? Continuing to produce the old package, even with Super Mario Galaxy 2 thrown in, is a silly idea.



Machu said:

Oh awesome, another tin. It'll look so yummy next to the other one (which has sweeties in).

Also, the game looks alright, I suppose...



JebbyDeringer said:

Galaxy is a far better game than NSMBW which is too bad. Still I'd love to see even half the effort they spent on the Galaxy series go into the development of TNNSMBW (The Next New Super Mario Bros. Wii).



TKOWL said:

Also another tidbit, Luigi is playable again!



Token_Girl said:


'bout time we saw a Mario bundled system! Isn't the wii the first system to not have a mario pack-in?




I love how the review is basically the author saying the game is perfect in elegant writing. There really werent any flaws mentioned in the review. But he could at least have given you more info instead of spicing it up with fancy wordplay.



Kirk said:

So wait...

Does this mean the bundle will include Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, SMG2 and Motion Plus all in one package?

I would think that would be the case since Reggie just got done announcing that Motion Plus is coming packed in with every new Wii system and obviously if M+ is there you are going to need Resort too.



LunarShadow09 said:

Alright. UK/EU people. Stop that you never get anything good. The last 5 GOOD preorder packs or special bundles that Ninty's given have been EU/UK exclusive. Now it's the US that's getting on.

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