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Monster Tale Picked Up and Swung Around by Majesco

Posted by James Newton

Henry Hatsworth team's new game gets a publisher

There aren't enough DS games with "monster" in the title, so when Project Monster was revealed our ears pricked up in anticipation of more news. Now it has arrived in the form of Monster Tale, a 2D platform adventure game from most of the team behind everyone's favourite bemonocled gentleman Henry Hatsworth, due to be published by Majesco in December.

Like Henry's adventure, it looks like the top and bottom screens will play host to different styles of game: heroine Ellie on the top screen will send items to the touchscreen where her pet monster Chomp will chow down on them, with different transformations available depending on the item digested.

A platformer on top and an object-gobbler on the bottom? Monster Tale sounds like another curious but potentially winning combination that we're already itching to get our hands on.


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odd69 said:

Hellz yea, i might have a reason to fire up my ds in December.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

Are those enemy crabs? I hope we are able to find their weak points using real-time weapon changing, and strike for massive damage!



Adam said:

Noooo, I forgot about this game! I will have to borrow a DS for this. Looks so good.

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