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BIT.TRIP VOID Soundtrack Unleashing a Sonic Attack

Posted by Trevor Chan

Ten slices of retro bits

Gamers interested in the gradual release of the BIT.TRIP audio gems will be glad to know Gaijin Games has announced that the official soundtrack to BIT.TRIP VOID can now be purchased via download on the CD Baby Web site, and soon to be on Amazon and iTunes. Alex Neuse, founder of Gaijin Games, goes to describe the soundtrack as:

A perfect companion for the modern BIT.TRIPPER as they mope through life between BIT.TRIP releases. It's a calmer affair, but no less BIT.TRIPPY. Basically, everyone will love it.

Sounds good to us. Comprising 10 tracks, each costing $0.99 or the whole lot for $5.99, the collection features two tracks with Electronica artist Nullsleep, who is no stranger to retro hardware himself. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Valentine Final (feat. Nullsleep)
2. Id
3. Ego
4. Super Ego
5. Galaxy Tonite (DMG Version) (feat. Nullsleep)
6. Power
7. Conflict
8. Humility
9. Collective
10. Confidence

If you're not familiar with the third title of six, be sure to read our BIT.TRIP VOID review to see why we scored it so impressively. BIT.TRIP fans don't have long to wait for the next instalment in the series as BIT.TRIP RUNNER is due to launch on 14th May in Europe and just a few days later on 17th May in the United States.


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Adam said:

How does this work? Void is more dependent on user input for the melody than the other games.



theblackdragon said:

@Adam: oh, that's true. :/ considering there were no bit-noises on either of the other two soundtracks, i guess that would make these songs pretty bare too. guess i'll hold off, unless someone says there's a melody involved instead of just background music...



SmaMan said:

Whoa, I didn't even know the CORE soundtrack came out yet! I need to catch up! To make more Audiosurf Videos!

I still think it's awesome how Gaijin games featured the one I did for Transition on the front page of their site



Sean_Aaron said:

I just plumped for Bit.Trip CORE soundtrack yesterday (£7.99 on iTunes - ouch) and I even played BEAT and CORE again to try to complete the second track.

Descent I'm a bit further in (though I didn't beat my old high score), but Exploration in CORE is total BS - I just want to slap Mr. Noisy about the head for that one. I can get into the groove, but some of the beats are improvisational - what, am I supposed to get into your head to play this one, man? Once you're in Nether about halfway through, you can forget it! Still a great game though and I did set a new high score of 799,xxx.



Adam said:

IamThetot, I forgot about those tracks. Those are indeed awesome, especially Galaxy Tonite! However, that doesn't answer the question because those tracks aren't from the levels. The first song is the menu music, the last one the credits tune.

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