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Trailer: Sin and Punishment 2 + Screenshots

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Direct from yesterday's European Gamers Summit comes a new trailer and screenshots for Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies.

Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies, the breakthrough shooter game for Wii from developer Treasure, will launch across Europe on May 7th 2010. The game features non-stop action with two playable characters and international online leaderboards to track high scores. Utilising the Wii Remote pointer functionality, the game offers unprecedented precision in the shooter genre.

Sin and Punishment: Successor of the Skies Trailer:

And some "B-Roll" footage:

Take a look at the handful of new screenshots in the game gallery, look out for our hands on article soon.

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Terra said:

So, is it called Star Successor in the US and Successor Of The Skies in Europe like the Japanese version? (more or less)



Dazza said:

Other than Galaxy 2, this was my favourite game from Nintendo's Media Summit yesterday. It was so bad-ass, just like the N64 version.

Using the Wii Zapper was the perfect way of playing this. It's great how it's essentially an on-rails shooter but you have freedom of movement in a sense too.

It's shaping up to be more than a worthy sequel to the N64 classic. I'm feeling smug that Europe is getting it first for a change



JamieO said:

These trailers reiterate that this is going to be a non-stop blasting, action packed, roller coaster ride of a Wii game and I simply can't wait to get to play it. I'm really pleased that @Dazza came back from the summit celebrating the Zapper shooting controls. Awesome stuff.



V8_Ninja said:

Looks great! I only hope that there's Classic Controller support because the aiming looks too easy just using the Wiimote.



Dazza said:

@V8 I don't think it supports Classic Controller tbh. Yes aiming is easier than with a cursor, but the action is so frantic why wouldn't you want it to be?

Even on 'easy' the game still is challenging. You'll need ninja-like reflexes to roll through all the stuff being thrown at you on-screen and still keep shooting at the same time



Elvis444 said:

I really hope this sells. I've never played the first (I plan to get the VC version soon), but I'd really love to see Treasure make sequels to some of their other classics (a Mischief Makers 2 would be awesome).



warioswoods said:

So, can anyone answer the question about co-op? I ask because the sidebar here says 2 players -- and the structure of the game certainly looks like it would go well for co-op -- but I didn't see a real 2-player moment anywhere in the trailer.



KrazyKain said:

looking forward to this game for sure... the first was incredible and all it needed was pointer controls for true perfection (well.. perhaps a more sensible story... but as long as i get to shoot stuff )



Viper6391 said:

Two player is going to be that one person will control a character along with a cursor while the second player will only control a cursor. Why they couldn't fit both characters for Two player is beyond me. It would have been the perfect game for it. Ah well, it's still going to be a good game.

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