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Sun 17th May 2009

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Elvis444 commented on New Metroid: Other M Footage Looks Intense:

I'm irritated that people are judging a game by two trailers, one of which is a teaser that doesn't actually show anything at all. I gaurantee that this will be a great game simply because Nintendo will not tolerate a screw-up on one of their core franchises (Zelda, Mario, and Metroid). This game looks bizarre, mixing first-person with third-person and 2D with 3D, but I'll be very surprised if it doesn't work.



Elvis444 commented on E3 2010: First Impressions: The Legend of Zeld...:

Anyone who things that every videogame should have realistic graphics needs to take a look at Okami. Okami still has the best visuals that I have ever seen in a videogame. As for this art style, I think it's okay. I liked both Windwaker's and Twilight Princess's styles better. But I am of a strong belief that graphics are the least important part of a game. Otherwise people wouldn't still be saying that Ocarina of Time is the best game ever.



Elvis444 commented on E3 2010: Paper Mario for 3DS:

Too bad my time machine isn't finished yet. Paper Mario is my favorite game. EVER. PERIOD. That's probably only because it's the first RPG I ever played, but whatever. It's still awesome. And even though Super Paper Mario was great, I'm elated to see that this is an RPG. I have officially bought my boarding ticket for the 3DS's bandwagon.



Elvis444 commented on BIT.TRIP RUNNER:

This is probably gonna be my first Bit Trip game. Just looking at screenshots for the other three gave me a headache.



Elvis444 commented on First Impressions: Kappa Michi:

Kappas actually stay completely submerged until they attack. They can then be incapacitated by somehow dislodging the water from the bowl-like depression on the top of their head. This is often done by tricking the semi-inteligent kappa into bowing.



Elvis444 commented on Trailer: Sin and Punishment 2 + Screenshots:

I really hope this sells. I've never played the first (I plan to get the VC version soon), but I'd really love to see Treasure make sequels to some of their other classics (a Mischief Makers 2 would be awesome).



Elvis444 commented on Max & the Magic Marker:

I had a feeling that this game would be rather stale in its creativity. Though I must say I am a fan of the music in the video above. It reminds me somewhat of Banjo-Kazooie. I really have to play that again...



Elvis444 commented on Cave Story:

No Tsuchinoko- I can't wait for Night Game. Thought I am very excited to play this too.



Elvis444 commented on Family Mini Golf:

I really want an awesome mini putt game. I've played the flash ones to death. But this looks way too uninspired and the gameplay seems far too easy. And whats up with the holes!?! You could fit a bowling ball in one of those!