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Pick Up, There's A Developer Diary Calling

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

New footage and details about Hudson's upcoming horror game

We've already gone hands-on with Hudson's horror title Calling, but maybe you'd like to hear some of the people involved with the development talk about the scare-fest. Eh? Eh?

Alongside new footage, Chief Director Kazufumi Shimizu and Concept Creator and Design Director Takeshi Inomata discuss the game's concept and making stuff spooky the Calling way in this new developer diary. Maybe it'll make you think twice about clicking that random link on /b/.

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Gameday said:

koo koo lookin different after shsm im use to this cell phone stuff , wonder what its going for



brandonbwii said:

Lit wasn't horror in the purest sense. It more of a straightforward puzzler. I wasn't looking forward to this game at first but the more footage I see, the more interested I become. I still hope it's only $30 like traditional Hudson retail fare. If it is, this will find a place on my shelf alongside classics like Cursed Mountain and Silent Hill.



Ren said:

great, looks neat. I just got the silent hill Wii thing and it looks really similar to this, though. Knock off, much? Still, this looks fun, too.



Ravage said:

I doubt it will sell much, it is overshadowed by other more impressive horror games.



outrun2sp said:

bad reviews ive seen for this and bad feedback on gamefaqs but im still getting it.

I liked Ju On

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