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Rabbids Race Through London

Posted by James Newton

Souped-up trolley hitting UK cities

Game-themed cars are nothing new - everyone from Pikachu to Sonic has had their face plastered on a car over the years - but a game-themed shopping trolley capable of 70mph is definitely something we haven't seen before.

Add a huge Rabbid figure to the back - in mid-BWAAAH pose, of course - and drive the trolley through the streets of London and you've got one of the most bizarre promotions we've ever seen, and all to "drive awareness" (get it?) of the newly-released Wii and DS title Rabbids Go Home.

Apparently the trolley-car hybrid will be zooming around the UK all through this month and into December, so if you live in Manchester, Birmingham, Milton Keynes or London look twice before crossing the road, in case a roving Rabbid BWAAHs all your clothes off.

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Don't forget we have the exclusive developer blog for Rabbids Go Home, and check back later today for a full review of the Wii adventure.

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Raylax said:

I'm waiting for that thing to surface on eBay. Who wouldn't buy it? Doesn't look too safe, though.




JustaGerm said:

They're making life look a lot more crazier than it is, they obviously still have to obey the rules of the road so they're shakin the camera and going "BWAAAH" to make it look like total chaos on the streets.



Machu said:

I'm back from Milton Keynes, and whilst I was sat in the city centre for 3 whole hours watching ladies go bye, there was no sign of any Rabbids.

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