Nintendo Download: 18-19 August (Japan)

VC and DSiWare on offer next week whilst the WiiWare holiday continues.

After the mega update preceding the Oban Festival holiday this week it looks like things are returning to normal with 4 VC releases and 7 DSi releases for next week, though nothing new in the WiiWare pipeline.

Virtual Console
Ike lke! Nekketsu Hockey-bu (500pts - Technos) -- A hockey game with characters that resemble those from the Technos Dodgeball game; originally released on the Famicom in 1992.

Solomon's Key (800pts - Tecmo) -- Original arcade version of the Famicom game already released on the VC everywhere.

Bomb Jack (800pts - Tehkan) -- Another arcade classic from Tecmo; this one is a platformer with the object being to fly around and collect bombs.

Knuckle Heads (800pts - Namco) -- One of a handful of VCA releases remaining in Namco's stated release list for 2009, Knuckle Heads is Namco's entry in the tag-team 2-D fighting game genre.

The final three Game & Watch titles get released Wednesday: Donkey Kong Jr., Mario's Cement Factory and Manhole all from Nintendo for 200pts each.

Two puzzle games in the G.G. Series are coming from Genterprise: Energy Chain and Packing Conveyor for 200pts each.

Silver Star Japan is offering a shogi game for 500pts called Saikyoo Silver Star Shogi.

Finally for 800pts Hudson are offering Himitsu no Ooku which seems to be a visual novel in a medieval setting.