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Dragon Quest IX: 3.5 Million Served

Posted by Damien McFerran

RPG is selling like hot cakes in Japan

Saying that Dragon Quest is popular in Japan is like saying that Americans are rather partial to hamburgers or that Brits like to indulge in a hot cup of tea every now and then.

Since going on sale July 14th, Dragon Quest IX - the latest entry in the long-running franchise - has shifted an incredible 3.39 million units.

The game is developed by Level-5 and is a DS-exclusive. A western release date is still to be announced.


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Corbs said:

I'm one of those 3.5 million. Unfortunately, I bit off this Game Boy special and I haven't even really gotten a chance to play Dragon Quest IX much yet.



odd69 said:

Isn't the battle system always in the first person perspective with the Dragon's quest series? This looks alot different. I might have give it a try.



Golgo said:

No random battles, or so I heard! Hooray!!!
Western release date, please, and before Christmas if you don't mind. Chop-chop.



y2josh said:

Looks to be great. Can't wait! I wish it was as popular here in the states.



Corbs said:

The rumor is a December release, but I'll believe it when I see it.



tendo said:

Am playing through Dragon Quest VIII at the moment. Don't know how I missed it when it was originally released. Fantastic game. Can't wait for IX.



Noire said:

Mmmm, hamburgers...

Dragon Quest IX also looks rather delicious. Here's hoping that Square Enix gets this ready for a western release too!

And boy, that's a lot of copies...



AVahne said:

reasons why I wish i was a Japanese gamer
1.they get the games first
2.they've been hardcore rpg fans for a long time
3.they are loyal to the games instead of loyal to consoles like the Americans are (this is pretty stupid we Westerners need to get our act together,this is probably why we rarely get the good Japanese games)



WolfRamHeart said:

This is my most wanted game of the year! I cannot wait for this game to come out! This game will be better than even the tastiest hamburger!



SwerdMurd said:

as most people know, Dragon Quest 7 got delayed for YEARS. Be prepared for a few delays....I dunno what it is about Dragon Quest games and the time required for translation/western release, but be ready to wait!



LztheQuack said:

They get Dragonquest IX before us and all we have are all those FPS's on the Xbox 360



Digiki said:

I can't wait, I'm currently playing through DQV, which will likely end up as one of my favourite games, by the end of it.

I just finished a nice solo, of another one of my favourites DWIII, tis great stuff.



Slapshot said:

@Blue Protoman.... yeah really. Americans cant buy a great game if somebody tried to make them unless its a well known IP or Sports games.

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