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More Red Steel 2 Information Emerges From the Mirage

Posted by James Newton

Our own Objection_Blaster! gets a question answered!

Recently we invited you guys to submit your questions to Ubisoft's Red Steel 2 development team, and we've just received word that the first round of developer answers has gone live on the official Red Steel 2 forums!

One of the questions that caught the community team's eye was from our very own Objection Blaster!, who asked:

How does RS2 handle loading? (The first one had lengthy loadings)

What did the game's Creative Director Jason VandenBerghe have to say in response? You'll have to read the article over at the official Red Steel 2 community Q&A topic!

If you asked a question that hasn't been answered, don't worry - there will be further Q&A sessions as the game's release of Winter 2009 draws closer, with the next topic focusing on moves and controls. Keep it locked to Nintendo Life and we'll let you know as soon as we have more answers for you.


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Varoennauraa said:

I don't care to register to that forum so I throw my two cents here.

1 cent about the blood issue. I'm not at all concerned about lack of blood, but i think a slight dash of blood would increase feedback to player.

Another cent about revolver. I'd like it to be more powerfull. I like one shot kills. "surely that would make sword play useless" Nope, that is revolver, and it is empty after 6 shots. After that it needs loading, which cannot be done in a tumult of a battle. It might be fun to load the revolver your self, for example pressing a load button opens the revolver and player must press "A" on each chamber, to put a bullet into it.



Corbs said:

I'd like to meet that Jason Vandenberghe. He looks like someone I'd really get along with.



Objection said:

A very satisfying Q&A, really. That screenshot is misleading, though NL! I'm not actually in Red Steel 2. I bet Ubisoft put you up to that to drum up sales.



Darel18 said:

" Well, in that specific case, I was using the word “achievement” in its literal sense of “having done something incredibly challenging" "

Very nice, I love difficulty in games =D!

@ thrashoholic

Maybe someday later, in other Q&A session



James said:

@thrashoholic - there will be multiple Q&A sessions throughout the year so don't think you've missed your chance. When Ubi invite more questions I'll be sure to let you guys know.

@Corbie - he's a really nice guy, very charismatic - perhaps even a little devilish? (In the nicest possible way!) You two would get along like a house on fire.



SupermarketZombies said:

I really love it when developers make the extra attempt to talk to their audience. It really makes a difference on if I get a game or not. Even if scores for a particular game aren't the best, I'd still get if the developers are open like this.



James said:

I think Ubi are treating it cleverly - a lot of people were disappointed with the first title and I think this second instalment should fix a lot of its problems. The lack of multiplayer doesn't bother me personally but I can see it affecting others' enjoyment.

Anyone who wants to submit questions to Ubi can do so using our "Contact Us" form. I'll pass all questions received onto Ubisoft!

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