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Tue 30th Jun 2009

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michael646260 commented on Review: Wii Sports: Resort (Wii):

This game never really sold me. I'm not impressed and they've got some games I will absolutely never play. Not worth the money just to get three games I'll want to play.



michael646260 commented on Review: Tenchu: Shadow Assassins (Wii):

I'm dying for a blood soaked head chopping off wii motion plus enabled sword game and this just isn't quite it. I guess I'll have to wait until sony comes out with thier motion controls before I can get an adults only badace game.



michael646260 commented on Review: Madden NFL 10 (Wii):

I don't care for the character models in this game and I will not be buying it for a few other reasons. I'm a huge football fan and from whit I've seen this is not for me. It seems that this game's main perrogative is to draw in new fans and I don't really see how you can compare the controls if you've never played 09.



michael646260 commented on Frontier Boss: Wii Reviewers Are The Problem:

What I really disagree with are the reviewers citing a game for difficult controls or too steep a learning curve (i.e. gamespot,IGN). The wii is all about new controls and I believe the learning curve is exactly what they were shooting for in the newer releases. Nintendo has been on the forefront of new technology for 22 years since they came out with the d-pad. And while they have fallen on their face a couple of times that seems better to me than what sony and microsoft have done where they stand back and let Nintendo try new things and pick and choose what they want to copy. Now you have a bunch of fanboy/reviewers putting the wii down for graphics or less 'hardcore games' when they have obviously put aside the graphics in favor of gameplay and they have been trying to appeal to a larger audience with more family friendly games.

I just don't see how the wii gets a bad rap for doing exactly what it set out to do in the first place. My grandparents as well as my three year old son can walk into my living room at any time pick up a wii remote and play a game like wii sports, while my more hardcore gaming friends can get stomped in golf or tennis while still having a great time. Now I don't own a lot of titles as I didn't buy a wii until my PS3 was stolen a few months ago. The few titles I do own however I absolutely love and since the motion+ came out the only thing I miss about my PS is MLB the show.

And a little note to sony and microsoft, if you stand on the shoulders of geniuses at least have some class and don't look down on them afterwards.



michael646260 commented on Red Steel 2:

This game looks quite good from what I've seen and although it might seem a bit juvinile I was somewhat disappointed to learn that there won't be any blood. With no blood it's not really RED steel now is it?



michael646260 commented on Review: Virtua Tennis 2009 (Wii):

I agree with this review all the way. I have been absolutely apalled at other sites reviews of this game, as many of them didn't even realize that you have to select the wii motion+ accessory before every match. Then actually went on to comment on the play while using the WM+ and how it affected the gameplay. LMFAO