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Daft Punk Gets 8-Bit Makeover

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Chiptunes compilation shows the true meaning of digital love.

Sometimes, music gets covered in a way that just feels right, like Nouvelle Vague's rendition of Billy Idol's Dancing With Myself.

French musician Je deviens dj en 3 jours' (or JDDJ3J) project, Da Chip!, fits nicely into this category. With the help of 10 of his cronies, the fusion of Daft Punk and chiptunes music has been completed, resulting in a splendid compilation available at no cost for your listening pleasure.

JDDJ3J's version of Aerodynamic sounds like it was ripped straight from a Mega Man game, which is testament to either Daft Punk or JDDJ3J, I'm not quite sure yet.

Snag a copy of the compilation here and let us know what you think.

UPDATE: Looks like the page has turned into a "coming soon" splash page, possibly a victim of server overload. Good work, Internet.


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SilentJ said:

Listening to it right now. It's pretty awesome! It reminds me of Beck's GameBoy Variations. Best part is that this was free!!!



irken004 said:

i listened to the songs, but surprisingly they aren't as catchy as i thought they would be



SwerdMurd said:

Daft Punk is seriously like the EPITOME of overrated. Soooo many better acts that do the same thing...seriously....Go listen to Violet Vision and tell me Daft has ANYTHING on them. Hell B.Wicked trumped Daft before he went Psytrance--now he's a dynamo.

Put it this way--I've been able to faithfully recreate 2 of their songs on a SINGLE DS-10 (16 patterns) in very little time. When Daft was the only act on the scene they may have been impressive, but I can outperform them with my parents late-80s Casio.



Adam said:

If you want to see them live, they'll be playing at my house Saturday night. My house.



namesRhard said:

Well considering they started in the late 80s your Casio would make perfect sense.
Also, I can play the Ode to Joy, Beethoven was clearly untalented...



Machu said:

Wow! I'm a BIG Daft Punk fan, seem 'em live twice now which is an experience let me tell you (and the bass, woah). I watch 5555 like every 2 weeks... 67% downloaded, come on cant wait to here this. THANKS!

EDIT: Ha they're cool, these are goin' straight on my phone.



Adam said:

@ Weird
Well, you and I are practically related, so of course.



SwerdMurd said:

/sigh....some peoples tastes...

Try Shpongle, or virtually any electronic anything that's come out of Israel. And comparing Beethoven's music to Daft Punk is just ludicrous. It's not just the simplicity--Beethoven's music is technically sound and generic and painful. I know what you're trying to say--just because a song is simple doesn't mean it's bad. In Daft's case, it's simple AND bad.



SGAK said:

@adam: that's weird - Daft Punk is playing at my house
is playing at my house as well...

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