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Juon Game Heading To Europe?

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Teaser trailer and announcement seems to point in that direction.

Sometimes game companies giveth and sometimes they taketh away, and in this case, fortunately it looks like the giving-est of the two.

Rising Star Games, the studio behind the upcoming Juon/The Grudge game adaptation, have released a teaser video of people playing a Wii game with the WiiMote only and hilariously cowering into the corner. A familiar face is flashed towards the end of the video, and it teases the game will be revealed at the London Movie Comic Media Expo on May 23-24. We'll have to wait until then for the official word, I suppose, but all signs point to Europe wetting themselves in the future.

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Objection said:

My fav was the guy who said something like "Whoa~Kesa-a-a!" (Kesa is a general expletive in Japanese that doesn't necessarily translate to a curse word, but often is.)



Sabrewing said:

First we get denied the Fatal Frame sequel, and now they get possible confirmation of Juon before us? I hope American Wiis get SOME sort of J-horror game; always liked that style.



StbAn said:

lol it looks great I will invite my friends to scare them with this game!



mrPlow said:

@6 buxtoc. Let's hope we'll get an uncut version this time...
Imagine that "juon/grudge girl" being replaced by casper the ghost or something similiar.. shivers. That would be a real horror title



Starwolf_UK said:

Personally with RSG as of recent I'm hoping anything they put out will actually run in 60Hz. It seems like you have a 50/50 change with RSG

Anyway there is no need for the ?. Why is that? Take a look at this booklet:
Go to page 40. Or if you're too lazy to do that; take a look at this picture:

One thing I have to point out. The expo opens at 11AM so you'll need an early entry ticket to get in before then (you can buy them before the day but you get in after people who pre-bought them). I have one and was planning to arrive about 9:45...I think my plans have changed slightly



Sean_Aaron said:

Rising Star is truly awesome (also localised Little King's Story in Europe and will be bringing us Muramasa: The Demon Blade), so this is good news. If we get this and Silent Hill do we really need Fatal Frame 4?

Of course I'd still like to see Fragile (that's not really a horror title, though), so maybe Rising Star can oblige us there as well?

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