No sandwiches for Europe any time soon.

Well, this is disappointing for impatient European fans of arcade racing and shenanigans.

German game site Videogames Zone has received word from Nintendo that they have no plans for an Excitebots: Trick Racing release on the continent.

While this doesn't sound very promising, keep in mind that just because there're no plans for a release yet doesn't mean it will never happen. Still, it's discouraging, and since the game didn't do very well in it's first week on sale (which in Wii-ville doesn't necessarily mean flop) in the US, Nintendo just may not see it being worth the cost to bring it over.

Since the Web site is in German, I had to Google Translate it. The results? Well, I've pasted them below to remind us humans that we aren't obsolete yet, and to have something funny to think about when the machines eventually do take us over.

Excitebots: Trick Racing: So far, no Europe release of the Wii-Racers planned

How Nintendo is now confirmed that there are no plans yet, the funny Wii racing game Exxcitebots: Trick Racing in Europe to publish.

Fans of the super-groomed tree sacrilege must now tremble: The successor to the Wii Excite Truck Hits gra could possibly not only for us on the shelves up. Nintendo bestäigte us that the racer yet has no date and a release in Germany on the dump is. Because sometimes appears a brilliant game for high score for the hunter Schüttelkonsole and then sowas! Fingers crossed - maybe it is still something! Whoever the genius predecessor has not yet, may be different from the quality of the Wii-pearl convince and Excite Truck for the sensational price of 11.40 euros at bestellen. We are certified by the U.S. version of the way, an equally outstanding playability. Which allowed you to our great pictures stretch convincing. Please, Nintendo, have a heart with your German fans!

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