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Steel Penny Games Update

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Steel Penny Games developer Jason Hughes sets the record straight on what his development squad as been up to since the release of their Bruiser & Scratch WiiWare title.

We haven't heard much from Steel Penny Games lately since the release of their WiiWare puzzler Bruiser & Scratch so it was a bit surprising to see a post from their own Jason Hughes on their web site letting fans know what they've been up to since the release of Bruiser & Scratch.

You can check out the full contents of the post below for some insight into what's in store for Steel Penny Games down the line. There's even an interesting little rant at the beginning to kick things off just right.

Some folks have been asking about Bruiser & Scratch, about what we're up to right now, and about what we're planning to do in the near and far future. Some folks are just complaining that I don't post enough. Given that there's no good way to answer all of this to each person individually, and that I'm pretty sure we can release the information, here's the scoop.

Bruiser & Scratch has been available on WiiWare for a while, and as expected, we haven't been blown away by sales figures. Partly, this is our fault for allowing the game to ship when it wasn't Crash Bandicoot. Oops. I know, I know, we should have made a chintzy 2D version of the game, cut the characters, cut the story, and basically shipped it 6 months earlier. We'd probably have gotten more sales because for some reason, people ignore shitty art when it's "retro styled", but it's flame-on if there's even a whiff of 3D going on. Also, if we'd released earlier there would be less puzzle game exhaustion on the part of the user base.. by the time we came out, there were more than enough puzzle games on WiiWare to go around. The initial reviews skewered us, and that's all she wrote.

So, what have we been doing in the meantime? Jeff and I have been working on Ghostbusters Wii with our friends at Red Fly, doing some heavy lifting tech work for an unannounced title at Red Fly, working on some of our own prototypes, and porting a really cute family-friendly game to the Wii for Conspiracy Games. All at the same time. So, pardon me for being a little lax on the updates.

One cool mention is a dear friend, Will Loconto, was nominated for Best Original Instrumental for The Heist this year at GDC by the Game Audio Network Guild Awards people. He helped us out on Bruiser & Scratch and is doing the remastering for our port work with Conspiracy. Very cool. He was up against Afrika and Little Big Planet, both of which swept awards this year, but to be nominated is quite the feat. Congrats Will!

And that pretty much wraps up our first quarter. On the off-chance you are a publisher looking for a small but talented studio to do a game for you, drop me a line. As busy as we are, I'll make time for you.


We'll have more information regarding any future Steel Penny Games developments as it becomes available, but until then we'd like to hear your thoughts on this interesting Steel Penny Games blog post.


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Olimar_91 said:

Maybe instead of being bitter over the players and the critics they should focus on creating a better game next time. shrug



Mopsical said:

I hope they get on to releasing their games in Europe soon, I'd hate to see another developer take the US only route...



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I tipped off GoNintendo and didn't even get a thank you. >_>

But anyway, my thoughts on this situation are already expressed on Wiiloveit and even on their B&S Forums.

@Olimar_91: I take it you've already played it..?



Ferret75 said:

I kind of understood them until I read this.

"people ignore (bad) art when it's "retro styled""



calculon said:

Sounds like someone's finally stopped sucking their thumb and by the sounds of thing really ought to put it back.

Honestly, I won't miss him one little bit. I bet your co-workers are really proud of you right now Jason. I'd fire your ass.



Dazza said:

@KnucklesSonic8 - Why don't you share your thoughts here then too?

It's a shame that things didn't work out as hoped with B&S. I was quite looking forward to it personally, but it just didn't live up to my expectations. Perhaps if they had developed the game in 2D the gameplay could have been smoothed out a bit. The puzzle mechanics were sound, but the execution was just so sluggish.

I just read the interview I did in November with Jason again, it's clear to see the high standards he set himself with this game.

I do hope they give WiiWare another go personally as there is obviously talent there, this just wasn't the right game for them. Maybe the ex-Naughty Doggers might come back and surprise us with a hit one day?



LucBernard said:

no offense to him, but I like retro looks, and the art in Bruiser and Scrath is pretty bland and generic and not that nice either

I would take a 2D title over a ugly 3D one anyday



Virus said:

Hmm, this doesn't sound all too professional. I understand he is disappointed with his game's sales, but geez, perhaps he should review the quality of his game again before he makes blatant assertions such as the ones in his post. Oh well, his post, his rules.

I was going to let this one go, but now it's bugging me too much. "It's flame-on if there's even a whiff of 3D going on?" Really? I don't know if he's been on WiiWare recently, but I've seen the opposite many times.



Ricardo91 said:

Sassy much? I mean, I know your first game bombed sales and critical-wise, but geez. Also I don't get what he's saying about retro-styled games not selling. I mean, Mega Man 9 and Bit. Trip Beat are selling SOOO poorly right now...



Corbs said:

At the end of the day, no matter what a game looks like, it's either a good game or it's not. You can paste flashy visuals and orchestrated musical scores on a bad game all you want, but it will still be a bad game. A nice looking bad game, but a bad game just the same.



Wiiloveit said:

The problem is that on the Wii Shop, people probably just looked at the screens and went "pfft". Maybe if the game came to Europe, they might get a few more sales.

@Corbie: WHERE'S GREG?!



dogsoldier said:

You can paste flashy visuals and orchestrated musical scores on a bad game all you want, but it will still be a bad game. A nice looking bad game, but a bad game just the same.

... galaxy?



Nobarai said:

@ dogsoldier: NO!

Conspiracy games? Duck and cover.
I think he's just sore that his game was just a piece of crap. Whoring for attention, more or less...



dogsoldier said:

If only they had released a ripp-off version of Star Raiders on Wiiware, along with retro graphics and great gameplay - on-line co-op for your wingman buddies and I would get em all a round in at the pub.



vherub said:

interesting post (and followup), nintendo does need to find a better way to get more people into the wiishop- giving everyone who buys a wii wiipoints- as they have done with the dsi would be a huge step to opening the gateway



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I would love to know how many people who have commented on this subject even on other sites have actually played the game. >_>

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