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Exciting Details For Excitebots: Trick Racing

Posted by Brody Olimar

The facts are spilled on Nintendo's latest "Excite" racer!

Are you anticipating Excitebots for the Wii? The game seemed to come out of nowhere, and already its fast approaching it's release! Until now details have been fairly sparse, but now the floodgates are open and the details are pouring in.

A sequel to Excite Truck, the launch game straight from Nintendo, Excitebots: Trick Racing mixes things up in a large way by replacing realistic vehicles with animal and bug inspired bots. From the start you'll have access to an assortment of bots including a turtle, a ladybug, and a bat. As you race and collect stars (the game's scoring system and currency) you'll unlock more bots and other content.

During each race your goal will not be entirely to finish in first. Rather, you'll want to be the one with the most stars. Of course your finishing position will gain you points, but other profitable events will appear as you drive. For instance, you can score some extra stars by catching butterflies and landing on sunflowers. I only wish I could make this stuff up.

In addition to single player modes, Trick Racing includes a meaty online experience. You can expect plenty of modes and options for play against friends and foes from across the world. Fans of the original Excite Truck may be wondering whether or not SD card music support is included in the sequel as it was in the first. Apparently the option is currently not included, but by the time the game's released it may be added.

Crazy as the game may sound, it certainly offers a unique premise with a large potential for fun. You can nab Excitebots in North America on April 20th, and most likely elsewhere before long. Keep a close eye on this one. Nintendo pulled it out rather quickly, but it could very likely be the Wii's big next hit!


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professorlayton said:

I must say, the more I read about Excitebots: Trick Racing, the more I want to play it. From the sounds of things, it's going to be the must-have racing game on Wii this year.

Hopefully the game will also be a sales success, too. We all know that Excite Truck didn't do nearly as good as it should've.



Supermarioman said:

I don't know about this game, it looks decent, but nothing like Excite Bike or Excite Truck. I may buy it though.



calculon said:

I hope there's an option to replace the crappy looking bots with trucks. Whilst I love Excite Truck (I've had it in my collection since the Wii launched in the UK and still rate it and MK as the best racers on Wii so far) this game looks to have taken a step further into gimmick-land which imo is a step too far.

Don't get me wrong - I loved the stars system in Excite Truck - but all I really wanted was a decent online mode, new courses, new trucks (and bikes) and a little more refinement in the controls and graphics. Instead we've got stupid bar swinging and pie throwing features which make a game whose predecessor stood up quite well against the original Motor Storm look entirely kiddy.

Maybe time will tell and undoubtedly I'll be proven wrong but I think the visual style and game play are going to lump Excite Bots into the younger casual camp whereas it's latter difficulty stages will require a more mature audience. Once again we'll end up with another game with an identity crisis and low sales because of it.

Oh, and I do hope you can stream music from SD card because if the trailer music is anything like what we're going to expect from the game we'll need it.



Wiiloveit said:

I'd like to give it a go, but I still can't see myself buying it until after I've had a good play (and of course, once it gets released over here). It's a shame that there isn't an online mode as well.



Ren said:

didn't it say there was an online mode? If it's anything at all like excite truck and includes online modes, I'm there. I'm a big fan of excite Truck, and I actually welcome the craziness here that was a little present in excite truck too, since I'm not a picky racer looking for acurate specs and deep racing, just high speed and cool physics.

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