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Excitebots™: Trick Racing has elements that make it one of the more unique racing games on the market.

It launches April 20 and lets everyone in the family use the Wii Wheel™ accessory in unique and changing environments, play fun minigames and perform crazy tricks in a game that builds on the Excitebike™ and Excite Truck™ franchises.

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Excitebots is everything a great sequel should be - and then some!

When Excite Truck launched alongside the Nintendo Wii console it was the perfect showpiece for showing off the Wii console's motion controls while still providing a true arcade racing experience for gamers to sink their teeth into. While the game lacked...

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NINTENDO brings another game in the "Excite" series, this time it's Excitebots: Trick Racing coming mid-late 2009

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NintendoFreak said:

gimmee! gimmee! this may, just may top mario kart! but only if the replay value is good, cos if u hav mario kart wii, you will know that the replay value is quite bad.




I am an Excite Truck fan so I can't wait for this one. This could potentially be even better. I am in!



Gabbo said:

Sorry the review is taking so long folks. It is still forthcoming. This is my first non-Wiiware review and figuring out which direction to bend the disk has been a bit confusing for me.



Corbs said:

I'm taking over the review. I'll try to get it up by tomorrow night. I'm playing away at it right now. :)



CharlieisEverywhere said:

Why this game didn't do better is beyond me. It's one of the few titles that actually gets you to stand up and start screaming at the tv!



Klapaucius said:

Did ExciteTruck sell really badly over here or something? :/
Come on Nintendo... release this already!

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