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Alien Crush Returns & Space Invaders Get Even In Japan

Posted by Darren Calvert

Lucky Japanese WiiWare gamers will be enjoying the awesome looking Alien Crush Returns and Space Invaders Get Even soon. Both are going to be made available on the Japanese WiiWare service this Tuesday (26 Aug).

Whilst both games look undeniably awesome, Alien Crush Returns has to be the pick of the two. This looks like the perfect homage to the original much loved TurboGrafx pinball sim. With the online scoreboards and other nifty features we are expecting this to not disappoint. This will cost 800 Wii points.

Space Invaders Get Even looks like it might be decent too, especially at the low price of 500 Wii points. Sadly the game might be too short lived without forking out more cash for extra levels. Is DLC really appropriate for a game such as this? We’re not so sure!

We really need to get a Japanese Wii in WiiWare World Towers soon!

Source: Nintendo Japan

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mrk said:

Considering that Space Invaders Get Even was originally a retail release, I think the DLC pricing for the game seems rather reasonable. To buy everything will only set you back 2000 Points, which is pretty good compared to FFCC: My Life as a King.

The Starter Pack is smartly priced, and even if you don't bother with buying any additional levels it seems to offer far more playability than a few VC games set at that price.



Terra said:

Not interested for Alien Crush Returns. Space Invaders is the game for me this time round.



Hydroswimmer12 said:

I'm jealous of the two wiiware games a week, also the fact that they aren't Midnight darts and Lost winds: Party on! lol



Bensei said:

I would have named this "Aliens attacking japan" instead

@Hydroswimmer: Do they really get two a week? If WWW did list all of their updates and not only those when they got different games, they only get 2 A month
Europeans only get a max of 2 every 2 weeks



thewiirocks said:

@mrk - The starter pack has only one level. Even at 500 points, I can't see how that could possibly be a good value. Expansion packs consist of only two levels. Also have a hard time believing it's a good value. Finally, Taito is really telling us that there would have been only 7 levels in a retail release? Also doesn't sound like a very good value.

Now maybe the levels are more complex and varied than they're letting on. But until they prove it, I'm going to be extremely wary of this title.



Wiiloveit said:

Alien Crush is only 800 points, but how many tables will there be? Pinball games never seem to have enough tables.



Ark said:


Perhaps there's other modes or something else? If there isn't, it'll probably be a pretty limited and pricey title. But hey, there's always hope(except for when there isn't >.<).



worrybomb said:

It all depends on how long the length is for each level in SIGE. If it take 30 mins - 1 hour to complete, that sounds good for 500 Wii Points.



lockelocke said:

I think the value of the DLC will really be determined by the replay value of the levels Taito is selling. If this game can keep me coming back to the same level (a la Star Soldier R), then five bucks for 2 levels is a bargain buy. If it's more of a LostWinds style "one time through and you've done it all" type thing, then I might sit out on dropping $20 bucks on the game. In either case, I don't mind a measly five bucks for the starter pack, the screenshots and the concept alone have sold me on that.



StarDust4Ever said:

Hopefully, the starter pack will have a small file size, since the additional levels are left out. Like, if the game engine itself is 25 blocks, and each level is 50 blocks, then that is 75 blocks for the game, and 100 blocks per additional level pack. So instead of having a huge game that occupies 375 blocks and not having room for it on your Wii, if you play with one level pack installed at a time, you'll be able to access all of the content without requiring as much storage on your Wii.

This would be a completely different situation that Final Fantasy, which contained all of the features in the original download but just denied you access to it until you paid for more.

Still, I wonder if such a game as Space Invaders would be better suited (and probably sell more full copies) as a budget Wii disc title.



Tabbyluigi said:

I hope both come over here soon. Both look absoulutley fantastic and seem like major winners for the WiiWare service. Alien Crush Returns looks like the better of the two. Review Predictions: Alien Crush Returns: 7-9. Space Invaders: Get Even: 5-7, do to having huge stroage and being so darn expensive. But they will still be pretty good overall.



CanisWolfred said:

I'll definitely be getting both games. I have 500 points that I have left over from my previous purchase, and at the very least the starter pack will satisfy me until I can afford to buy the other packs. Alien Crush Returns looks like the best Pinball game I've ever seen, and definitely worth every penny!



Dazza said:

I think he meant Alien Crunch, it's a delicious new cereal where you eat all the intergalactic fiends



StarDust4Ever said:

Somebody please Dazza, Damo, someone at Wiiware World click on the playasia banner and purchase a Japanese Wii with a bunch of Wii cards. That way we can get a more in depth look at games that have been released in Japan but not here (or in PAL regions).

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