Xiotex Amazed By Reaction To WiiWare Rebuttal

Xiotex - the small indie developer that was the focus of our rather shocking news story recently – has posted another entry on its/his blog page regarding this sorry state of affairs. It would appear that the tiny devco didn't expect the original blog post to cause such a kerfuffle.

When I started the ‘WiiWare is a lie’ blog post I had no idea it would go as far as it would. Instead of just me venting my frustration after going through a lengthy application process with Nintendo it seems to have taken a life of its own including getting interview requests from people wanting to take it further. While I would like to see Nintendo remain true to their original projected vision of what WiiWare was supposed to be I am by no means on a mission to cause them trouble or trouble for the company I work for by association. If anything this has been an exercise in being careful what you say because you really have no idea how far stories like this can travel.

So much for sticking it to the man!