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Medaverse Talk WiiWare On Business TV

Posted by Darren Calvert

Way back in February we did an interview with Medaverse Studios about their upcoming WiiWare game Gravitronix. Since then it’s all been a bit quiet from them on the news front, with little new news about the game.

That’s not to say the guys at Medaverse haven’t been busy. Recently they appeared on CNBC’s ‘The Business of Innovation’ TV show and told an unsuspecting business world about what the dealio is with WiiWare. Check out the video below the fold.

Jesse Lowther, CEO of Medaverse explains how WiiWare was seen as their golden ticket to finally break into the videogame development scene. Being free from the overheads of disc production, packaging and shipping have allowed even a small start-up company like this to get their foot on the ladder and produce a game for the Wii.

We wish them all the best of luck and we can’t wait to try Gravitronix out for ourselves soon. For the 500 Wii points asking price, you can’t go far wrong.

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Cooldued59 said:

Man, I can't wait for this game to come out. It looks pretty interesting.

It looks like in this video that Nintendo looks godly.



Loooca said:

I like how Nintendo is portrayed so nicely in here.

I already liked the sound of the game before seeing this video, but after seeing it? Aw! These guys have really worked hard for it. Now, I only hope Nintendo doesn't stack their way obstacles and let the game be released in peace.



Tim said:

I don't know how you can say it looks interesting unless you know something I don't.

All there is is the game logo to look at and a vague description that reads "Gravitronix will be an action/battle game for 1-8 players on a single screen and uses different primitive shapes ... as projectiles and utilizes unique physics per object." It doesn't even show the game in the video.

Sometimes I think this site has bots that create generic positive posts.



Loooca said:

Then should we be bashing the game? I don't think so! It's only normal of us to think that yes, there will be more good and interesting games on the Wii Ware. We'd like to believe so, even for a while.



Tim said:

Very well, I'll leave you to your dream world, if only for a while. I only hope you don't imagine or believe this to be something it is not with the very little information that is available and I stress the little part.



ETSM said:

From the dev blog:

"As an aside, we're still hard at work on Gravitronix and have entered our initial testing phase for fine tuning the game play and physics. We've just last night discovered some "advanced techniques" which allow skilled players to manipulate the physics for maneuvers some might call "cheap".

We also hope to have the intro movie for general viewing in a month or so."

Hopefully, we'll know more soon, but we don't have much to go on right now.



Loooca said:

If Nintendo doesn't even bother to inform the companies of their release dates, I think it's only normal of them to limit the amount of information the companies have to say about their unreleased games. I really feel for them.

And, well, at least it's not a fake pr0n game? That is always something to be glad about ;D

@ETSM: Thanks for the info! Yeah, it does seem like they're still in their early stages and a little preview of the game's basics would really help with the gamers.



XCWarrior said:

The concept for the game sounds interesting, would like to see some screen shots or video though.



RetroWare said:

I'm looking forward to this game along with a few others (LIT, GyroStarr). I hope its somewhat good.

Its interesting that most (if not all) of the computers they are using are Apple.



TomMc said:

I just hope the game doesn't turn out rubbish then i would just feel sorry for them! (:



Objection said:

I cant say anything about this game since the description is vague and theres no footage.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Gravitronix is one of the titles I'm really looking forward to, amplified by the fact that it has an Elebits-esque Physics engine.

I can't wait to see it finally come up.

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