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Wed 13th Feb 2008

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ETSM commented on Talking Point: Is Nintendo Ignoring WiiWare?:

Nintendo's initial goal with Wiiware wasn't to release a plethora of games on it but to try and find "that next big game" from a 3rd party, likely from small devs who they could buy if they wanted. If they were releasing many games on the service, they'd be snuffing out most 3rd parties and removing any chance these tiny devs would get recognition for their games.

Same reason you don't plant flowers in the shade of your house, I guess.



ETSM commented on Gravitronix - Still Alive And Kicking!:

From Medaverse's website:

-Gravitronix is an action/battle game for 1-4 players (possibly 8).
-The game takes place in a single-screen arena.
-The objects seen in the logo are the projectiles used as weapons.
-These projectiles will have different physics, making them behave differently depending on how you use them.
-There will be a great deal of depth in the control scheme.
-Veteran players will master maneuvers which make rookie players cry "HAX!!!"
-These details are intentionally vague, but we will have screenshots and movies closer to release which will explain everything."

Latest blog entry explains the process in making the game and mentions that they'll have some details on gameplay up soon:



ETSM commented on Gravitronix:

...except that nothing they've said suggests the game is anything like Boom Blox.

Most descriptions have said it involves twisting the Wii remote to move a paddle back and forth in a territory with gravity beams at your disposal...and it's 2D.



ETSM commented on Medaverse Talk WiiWare On Business TV:

From the dev blog:

"As an aside, we're still hard at work on Gravitronix and have entered our initial testing phase for fine tuning the game play and physics. We've just last night discovered some "advanced techniques" which allow skilled players to manipulate the physics for maneuvers some might call "cheap".

We also hope to have the intro movie for general viewing in a month or so."

Hopefully, we'll know more soon, but we don't have much to go on right now.



ETSM commented on Wiiware Focus - Interview with Medaverse (Grav...:

It's not online for time issues. They wanted to offer online features, but they had to axe them for time. Medaverse has a volunteer staff (they mentioned in another interview) so they need income at some point. They also mentioned in another interview that they'll be making sure to keep the size of the game as small as possible because they realize how size-restricted Wii owners are.

As for Wiiware's release, it's not March, that was a rumor that started when some other company suggested that it would be march in their press release. No official date has been announced yet.