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Eternity’s Child To Feature 4 Player Co-Op Mode

Posted by Damien McFerran

If you’ve been keeping up with the development of Luc Bernard’s gorgeous platform adventure Eternity’s Child then you’re probably getting increasingly excited about it by now. When we had the chance to play test a level recently we came away encouraged and optimistic.

Well, Bernard has contacted us exclusively to reveal another aspect of the game that has us well and truly pumped – it’s set to showcase a 4 player co-operative adventure mode. It won’t be online sadly, but the prospect of working your way through this sumptuous-looking title with three like-minded friends is certainly one to savour.

Eternity’s Child is currently set for release later this year. Check out our game page for screens and other information. You can also read our exclusive interview with Bernard here.

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Peznaze said:

500 points for a gorgeous platformer, it should already be a no-brainer. I recall reading that there was a mode where one player controlled Angel and the other controlled the girl, I dunno how 4 player would work, but I'm sure it'll be fantastic.



Ray said:

This game certainly looks interesting...I watched the gameplay trailer and there were no SFX, iirc...I hope I'm wrong though :



Tim said:

Wow co-op! There are way too many games out there that are either a single player only or multi-player only experience. We need more games that can effectively be both. This will be a welcomed addition.



Satans_Therapist said:

hope this gets released before too long. for 500 points I'm going to take a chance on this game. I just wish that other wiiware developers would consider a lower point cost because without having game demos I will be alot less likely to take a chance on them.



Shortay said:

Co-op in EC could work really well; I hope this plays as good as it looks, and 500 points is a real steal.



ICEknight said:

4 player co-op, as in "one player moves the character and other three can shoot stuff on screen with their pointers"?



The_Indigo_Effect said:

Local 4-player is probably a bad idea; if you've ever played the Contra series or Sub Space Emissary with a friend, you're already aware of the unavoidable frustrations involved. However, a full-blown, 4-player mode would be nigh unplayable. Unlike beat-em-ups and certain other genres, platformers aren't suited to having that many players on-screen. Online play would be a smoother alternative.



Peznaze said:

Hmm.. they said over on GoNintendo that it's one player controls Angel and the other three shoot stuff. Could work, and certainly better than most co-op's, "Your friend gets to draw lewd and disturbing things on screen while you're trying to play!"

As for the game being innovative, I think of Odin Sphere when I see this game. Nothing really new, but done really, really well.



Objection said:

@Peznaze "lewd and disturbing" remind me never to play w/ your friends!
I plan to take a chnace wih this when it comes out if I have space. wink wink



SmaMan said:

Yep, 500 pts. is a steal for this game! It just keeps getting better and better. A pat on the back to Luc for all his great work on this! Only time will tell if it all works together...but I have good faith in this.



MrPoo6321 said:

word up! this game looks awesome, and it'll give me another excuse to put all 4 wii remotes to use again!



mr_niceguy said:

Evidently some people have an uneasy relationship with their friends...
Anyways, co-op should cover the only fault I found with the game, which was that it takes several hits to defeat an enemy, and the character isn't exactly Sonic The Hedgehog, if you know what I mean....he's slow....
Even just having someone shoot the enemy with the pointer would be helpful in taking out the enemy without having to worry about having enough health all the time.

Edit: I saw the gameplay video again, and defeating an enemy doesn't seem as bad as I thought(he's faster than I remember), still frustrating but certainly something that can be worked around.

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