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Phantasy Star II Confirmed by ESRB

Posted by Damien McFerran

Lucky Japanese gamers got their chance to enjoy the game today, but the recent certification of Phantasy Star II by the ESRB confirms that the classic Genesis/Megadrive RPG is coming to Western shores, too.

This isn’t a tremendous surprise as the game has been released in the West several times, but it’s certainly worth looking forward to nonetheless. The Phantasy Star series is one of Sega’s most treasured franchises and it would be excellent to see the third and fourth Genesis/Megadrive instalments appear at a later date.

With the Master System now confirmed as a Virtual Console channel, maybe we will see the very first Phantasy Star, too?

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Kelvin said:

Not the best in the series by a long shot, but as it says in the article, it opens up the possibility of the release of the other, better, games.

And you know, if all we ever get is PSII, it's still a good solid rpg.



Damo said:

Ironically, given the high standard of the sequels, I have a real soft spot for this game.

I never really got on with the third title, and although the fourth is clearly one of the best Genesis/Megadrive RPGs ever made, I still more love for the second. I think it's probably because this was the first real role-player I owned for the 16-bit Sega and I spent HOURS with it.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

I recently bought the SEGA Megadrive Collection, so, I will not download this. A perfect game for the VC lineup, though. I love seing good roleplaying games!



jackaroo said:

I love this game. but since i have sega megadrive collection on BOTH PS2 and PSP i dont see the point in buying it a third time despite it being a good game.



Pua said:

I had the fourth one and never beated it. Maybe when it's out, I'll buy it and give it another chance.



PrizePig said:

I dunno about this one... I never played it back when it came out and I tried it not long ago. I thought it was barely playable... It's definitely a "retro goggles" title.



KhaoShar said:

Best about this is that VC is going to get another RPG. That's one of my favorite genres, and it's come far to short on VC so far! SInce good RPGs are not so dependent on good graphics and sound they tend to age better than other titles. I' ve got PSII twice (on PS2 MD-Collection and on GBA), so I probably won't dowload it. But I strongly encourage to bring it on, anyway



Villain said:

It's a pretty nice game with some extremely high cult value...that means it haven't aged too well, though. It's enjoyable, but a bit too funky-smelling behind the ears.

The in-game artwork is adorable and really touches a nerve somewhere though. If this means Phantasy Star IV is coming, this is certainly worth a hurrah.




This is one of my favorite RPGs of all time. I can understand that if you didn't play it when it came out, then you won't enjoy it as much as I do, but it is indeed a gaming classic. I no longer play turn based RPG's, but I will DL this the day it hits the VC. IMHO this is by far the best Phantasy Star game both for it's story and gameplay experience. A lot fo people love the fourth edition to the series but that was just this game packaged a little better with a story that doesn't really fit in the PS universe. PSIII was a disaster. As were the PS Online games. I can't tell you how disappointed I am in those games. They are just poor games with the PS brand.

Again, this is all just my opinion, coming from an old school gamer who played all the PS games when they were initially released. (I paid $70 for PS1 !!!)



AchubaNanoia said:

Good game, I once rented it for 1 month of non-stop play during my vacation! I won't download it though, for some some reason I can no longer play these old RPGs, not only because I lack the time to play it for a long time, but also because I find them boring now...
But yeah, let's hope it brings Phantasy Star 4 too, I also really liked that one.



Sockapal said:

What in the world! Japan gets Super Smash Bros. Brawl this week AND this game, what are they going to do with all that gaming goodness?

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