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EU VC Releases - 30th November - Baseball Stars 2

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Two games again for Europe today. If you'd like to go through Wonder Boy in Monster World again with different music, or if you like baseball, you're right at home. Otherwise, tough luck! Baseball Stars 2 is one of the finest games ever made based on the sport, with over the top animations and gameplay. Characters fight each other, break their bats in frustration and more! It's presented in such a ridiculously cool style that everybody who plays it will get a smile on their face.

We're not sure why Hudson chose to release The Dynastic Hero though. It is literally the exact same game as Wonder Boy in Monster World! Most differences are very minor, like a change of story, different sprites and different text. The only major change is the completely different, un-Wonder Boy-ized soundtrack. If you haven't downloaded Wonder Boy yet, it'll be a tough pick, otherwise, you'd do best to skip this game.

Two games again, are we getting a giant update from Sega next week or not?

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Bass_X0 said:

another NeoGeo game the U.S. hasn't got yet and another American sports game that Europeans aren't really interested in.

at least i don't feel forced to keep buying cards to keep up with the latest downloads. Its almost definite the U.S. will get a NeoGeo title on monday, i say KoF94.



Tom41 said:

Well, I don't like sports games of any kind so I'll give Baseball Stars 2 a miss. The Dynastic Hero is interesting though...

On the plus side, it has a nice animated intro and good music, plus you can play it in 60hz mode on a PAL Wii. However, since the game play is EXACTLY the same as Wonder Boy, it's really not worth getting if you've already got that. If not, then Dynastic Hero is a must-have!



Ben said:

The dynastic hero is based on the japanese version of wonder boy so its a little easier. The the saws on the final boss are not here and you get sent to the inn when you die. I wish hudson had just used the existing music. I would of loved to hear cd quality arrangements of them.



RGVEDA said:

169 Games in the EU now. I hope we will get 200 games till the end of the year, too. A few Catch Up Weeks for the EU would be great. But i don´t believe in it.

Monster Lair for Turbografx is confirmed for December. Only this game



Kai said:

ridiculous update once again, like they give a rats ass about Europe..



Damo said:

Spyri - We've just gotten one of the finest NeoGeo games ever produced...and you're upset?



RoninDennis said:

Well, I'm not really upset, but a bit disappointed though. We might get one of Neo Geo's best, but one that has a considerably smaller target group than say an adventure or action game. Basically we got one game, they might've at least added one extra to compensate for it.
What worries me is that we have had three weeks of games that add up to a total of five (four if you discount Dynastic Hero). With six libraries of six systems we really should get a bigger weekly output. I'm not of those whiners who wants to have it all right now, but I would like a broader range of choice, and they don't have to be all AAA titles. Even though there's a near endless backlist of games I sometimes get that old N64 feeling: waiting weeks/months for interesting games. With a service like VC, that's just damn wrong.



Wooow now i can sell my Orginal cart of Baseballstars 2 ^^



Link_O_Fett said:

Baseball Stars 2? Never heard of it. I'm still waiting for Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball for the SNES to come out!

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