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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Tom41 commented on Majora’s Mask 3D Patch Irons Out Honey & Dar...:

Oddly, the patch downloaded ok for me on my New 3DS, but when I play the cartridge on my original 3DS I don't even get a prompt for it. Don't think it's going to be compulsory like SSB and Mario Kart, since Majora has no online functionality.



Tom41 commented on Video: More Bizzare Majora's Mask 3D Glitches ...:

Twice I've had a glitch in the Snowhead dungeon where a White Wolfos starts running in circles and never attacks you. It also becomes invincible - can't be defeated by any means! I also entered the bottom room with the lava pits as Deku Link once. Before I have any control of Link, a fire skull comes out of the lava and kills him - so I'm trapped in a respawning loop...



Tom41 commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

I'm in two minds about this. The Gamepad is good in its own way and can be used for innovative purposes (as Nintendo Land and Rayman Legends demonstrate), but I do believe there should be an option for people to use a different controller if they choose. I often play until my Gamepad battery runs out, and want to continue with a Wii Remote or Classic Controller Pro - only to find most games require the Gamepad to be present to actually start.



Tom41 commented on EU VC Releases - 30th November - Baseball Stars 2:

Well, I don't like sports games of any kind so I'll give Baseball Stars 2 a miss. The Dynastic Hero is interesting though...

On the plus side, it has a nice animated intro and good music, plus you can play it in 60hz mode on a PAL Wii. However, since the game play is EXACTLY the same as Wonder Boy, it's really not worth getting if you've already got that. If not, then Dynastic Hero is a must-have!



Tom41 commented on EU VC Releases - 14th September - Double Japan...:

I downloaded SMB2 Lost Levels straight away; don't want to miss the chance to have the original - even though I already have Mario All-Stars for SNES!

I hope they don't make the game 'expire' at the end of September and auto-delete from your Wii!



Tom41 commented on F-Zero X:

Great game; downloaded it as soon as it came out at midnight and have been playing it all day! I wonder if Nintendo will ever update it to make use of the Gamecube pad rumble feature, or release the 64DD extras as downloadable updates?