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EU VC Releases - 23rd November - The King of Fighters '94

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Only two games for Europe this week, but who cares? Both of them are fantastic games, each with their own cult following! First off, we have The King of Fighters '94, the first in a long, long SNK fighting series, which has yearly installments (It's still going!). The series combines characters and stages from various SNK series into one massive game, which provides tons and tons of entertainment. There's a reason it's loved by so much people!

Second this week, it's Taito's classic arcade game, Bubble Bobble! As Bub and Bob your objective is to trap enemies in bubbles and then pop them to defeat them. Sounds simple and boring on paper, but it's actually really, really addictive. This game also lead to loads of sequels and spinoffs, a lot of them better than the last. The NES port is almost arcade-perfect as well!

No reason to complain this week - Let's just forget what happened last week, shall we?

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yeehaw said:

Finally! The King of Fighters games are fighters of pure quality and won't disappoint. Later on in the KoF series the games of course get much better, but '94 is still a great game compared to other fighters on the VC. I'm downloading this right now! w00t!!

(can't wait till we get KoF '98)



djshep said:

Phew! Hopefully, now we have Bubble Bobble on the VC, maybe this could pave the way for Rainbow Islands...? Here's hoping!



Adamant said:

Bass X: Oh God, that's probably the hardest question you could ask. Can I say "It's just as good, and you absolutely MUST get both"?

Beautiful week.



alvieao said:

Indeed, everyone MUST forget about last week. The annual game that started a fantastic series of fighting games from SNK Playmore. The King of Fighters '94 separated the Capcom and SNK crowds when it comes to the 2D fighting genre...



chris said:

Of course KoF94 is better the Street Fighter 2 Tubo in Grafx and
sound by far.
I Just want Nam1975 and i will be very happy.



JODIsBack said:

"Thank god I sold my Wii and went for a SNES and Megadrive."

A REALLY dumb move if you ask me...



Ben said:

YES. Finally Bubble Bobble. One of the greatest two player games ever made. The NES version isn't one I'd played much before but in a lot of ways it's better than the arcade (better bubble mechanic and some other small things; the speed you zip around at with the shoes is hilarious and awesome also). Now I just need Pang, Wiz'n'Liz and M.U.L.E. and I'll be completely happy.



yeehaw said:

Even though KoF '94 is one heck of a game. It just can't beat Street Fighter II Turbo.. Me, I love them both. But Street Fighter II Turbo, man, that's just a classic nobody can touch.



BJ1 said:

Chris, what were you thinking?! Think of all the good VC games you'll be missing! Do you know how hard it is to track down all of the games you want for your SNES and Mega Drive?



Robin said:

finally! mario bros 3, bubble bobble now i just need chip n dale and megaman 2



Bass_X0 said:

well Capcom don't have the Disney license anymore so they can't release their old NES Disney titles on Virtual Console.



Chris said:

Bass X True. Not to mention Acclaim titles. And the Wii's tiny memory meaning you have to delete games when the memory gets full. And sound emulation errors on megadrive titles. And trying to play N64 games with the classic controller. At least now if I game was available for the SNES or Megadrive I can buy it on Ebay.



Chris said:

BJ - Nearly have all of them now. And a lot won't be coming to the VC due to rights issues. All the games I want buy the way. Obviously not all the games for the SNES/Megadrive

__Super VG Bros


Super VG Bros said:

disney created chip n dale but the game itself was made after nintendo bought the rights to make the game. this makes chip n dale (the game) nintendo's and not disney's. in other words, we will see it on VC =D



Drake said:

Nope. In order to rerelease licensed games they have to get the license again. That's the same reason other Disney games and games like Goldeneye probably won't come for a while/at all.



Bass_X0 said:

what they could do if they were willing to actually go into the original NES game code, is change everything that is disney's - the characters, the story, the music to something different while still keeping the game playing exactly the same. this would probably have to be a WiiWare title since Virtual Console only offers games almost unaltered (certain games like Wave Race 64 and Tecmo Bowl have had small parts edited to remove licenses the original game hadl).

although I think few companies would go to that much effort just to release a game.

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