US VC Releases - 29th October - Magician Lord

Two sequels and a standalone game today, the highlight of the bunch being the standalone one - Magician Lord. This is a great arcade-style platformer (And thus also the first non-fighter Neo Geo game) which features some pretty tough challenges. It's certainly not for the less skilled players! One could argue that it is currently the most arcady game on VC, so if you want that quarter-munching feeling of the good old days, this is for you.

To tie in with Halloween this week, the US gets the appropriately themed Castlevania II. While not completely the same as the first Castlevania, it features many similar stuff, and was the first to introduce some elements which would be reused in the more recent Metroid-esque Castlevanias.

Finally today, you can get Samurai Ghost, which is a sequel to the Japan-only Genpei Toma Den, in which you play as the resurrected ghost of a samurai seeking revenge. It's pretty generic as far as platformers go, and doesn't really stand out among other platformers currently on VC, so download at your own risk!

The top pick this week is 4 stars, and unfortunately, it's only downhill from there.