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Europe VC Releases - 20th July - Street Fighter II Turbo

Posted by Darren Calvert

Here's what Euro gamers get today...

Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting will satisfy the needs of most retro gamers. This is the perfect choice for gamers in Europe (PAL) region as the game features a speed select system so you don't have to play in slow-mo like the original SNES SF2. It's an excellent game that most people will be familiar with, well worth a look if you can't wait for Super Street Fighter II to be released!

Silent Debuggers may interest some. It's a dungeon crawler game set in space, not really a FPS as some might say. There are too many flaws with this game to make it a worthwhile purchase for everyone but some might like it. It depends on your threshold for boredom I suppose!

A last minute surprise rolled in this week in the shape of Metroid on the NES. There's no doubt about it, Metroid is a classic which many gamers will have fond memories of. It's the start of a wonderful franchise so deserves our respect however we can't help feeling this original game is going to be a bit of a let down to newcomers due to flustrating gameplay elements.

Check out this week's reviews:

Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting - SNES - 800 Points

Silent Debuggers - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 Points

Metroid - NES - 500 Points

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Kelvin said:

To be honest, I prefer Turbo to Super. The new characters didn't add a great deal to the game, in my humble opinion, and the tweaks to existing characters weren't worth the upgrade alone.

In addition to that, I wish we were seeing the MD version of SFII; it was just that tiny bit better, with some neat extra features that didn't make it into SNES Turbo.

Still, excellent game.



Stuo said:

Im happy with that anyway, SF2 is still really good fun and this is the best installment of it!



Steve said:

kelvingreen: "I wish we were seeing the MD version of SFII; it was just that tiny bit better, with some neat extra features that didn't make it into SNES Turbo."

I never played the Genesis/MD version, but I wouldn't want to see how they shrunk 6 attack buttons down to 3 to make it compatible with the standard controller. =P

Also, what are you talking about when you say more features? According to the Wikipedia article, the only thing the MD version had that the SNES version doesn't is the ability to play at turbo speed in Champion mode, which seems kind of redundant to me. You can still go up to 10 star turbo mode in the SNES version, you just need to input a code first. Also according to the article the sound was far worse in the Genesis/MD version.



Yko said:

I'm holding out for Super Metroid, 1500 Points left, may as well spend 800 on SF2T.



Dazza said:

Steve - The Genesis/MD version supported the revised 6 button controller. However for kiddies at the time who had several of the original 3 button controllers it was terrible.... the 3 buttons did the 3 weights of punches, you had to press the START button to alternate to the 3 kicks! (what a joke!!)



ricketycricket said:

we definitly need to get metroid over here in the USA. that game is awesome. would it kill nintendo to release little league world series or super techmo bowl? the original techmo bowl doesnt have my philadelphia eagles on them. pretty depressing



Kelvin said:

I believe the MD version also had more character colour options, as well as a rudimentary "tag team" option.

Steve, Champion and Turbo mode have slight differences which makes playing Champion mode worthwhile. If I remember correctly, some of the moves and/or stages were different, but it's been a while. I know I played Champion more often than Turbo, but I don't remember exactly why!



Jonno said:

I'm just assuming that Metroid will be coming next week in NA. Not that I care though, as I got my fix of PAPER MARIOOOO!



Gypsie said:

Is it just me or is Blanka (in the piccie on the homepage) going "Nice to see you, to see you...nice!" ? all non-brits can probably ignore that

PowerLegend: yeah Super Metriod is awesome, but its always nice to see where our favourite franchises came from. especially one that started so far back in the day! still cant wrap my head around Metriod being 21 this year.

Not a bad selection for us this week imo, certainly cant complain with more Street Fighter action!!



Wibblefish said:

Having just seen that picture of Blanka and the terrible Police Academy 4 on TV at the weekend, I have come to the conclusion that should Capcom decide to produce another SF2 movie, Bobcat Goldthwait would be perfect for the Blanka role!



Dazza said:

Mr Zed as Blanka eh? LOL

Mahonie could be Ryu and Hightower could be Balrog. I think we're on to something here!



dunsybhoy said:

Any one else having problems with this download? I am completely unable to do any of the special moves. Before any one suggest this isn't down to my ineptitude at the game it definitely isn't!! Spent about 2 years solid playing this in the 90's. I cant even get any move where you press a button repeatedly to work like the hundred hand slap or Blanka's elictricity. I'm using the Classic controller as well!! Any suggestions?



ktm911 said:

they have metroid avaliable in EUROPE but not in CANADA!?!?!

and i feel the same way but with the table turned concerning metroid prime 3

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