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Video Previews for Virtual Console

Posted by Darren Calvert

Whilst Nintendo have embraced the model of the XBOX 360 Live Arcade allowing gamers to download free trials of games they are interested in, they have now done the next best thing. On the Virtual Console section of their website you can now watch videos of gameplay footage.

It's only for USA VC games for now but it's a good sign of things to come. Who knows maybe future updates to the Wii Shop might let you easily watch the videos before you decide to buy.

Check it out anyway:



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RMA said:

Good stuff. Nice to know where to get a little look at any games I don't know. Move in the right direction at least.

Think that first sentence should read '...have NOT embraced' by the by...

__ste hicky


ste hicky said:

tennant this is nintendo of europe your talking about,no chance. hey people of the vc site (yup,all of you) can you start updating the out now/coming soon lists to include japanese vc releases? thanks.



Dazza said:

Ste - we have decided not to cover Japanese VC games which we dont think will get a western release. We have F-Zero X on our coming soon list at the moment even though ESRB haven't rated it yet, how's that for a slice of fried gold?



Gerald said:

Awesome,should make buying games I've never heard of a bit easier now.



Drake said:

Most of those videos are horrible. Watch Super Castlevania IV's video to see what I mean.

__ste hicky


ste hicky said:

Dazza,fried gold indeed lad. can't wait for (a hopefully well converted) f-zero x,you've made my day,ta. on the japanese releases: does that mean no sin & punishment?



Ash said:

I don't think we'll ever see playable demos as it would almost certainly mean having to re-code the games in order to limit the content. Unless they build a timer into the emulators themselves.

Just can't see it happening though.



RoninDennis said:

I was underwhelmed as well. It doesn't give you much of an impression of the game, rather shows that the people playing it are crap. I'd rather have 1-minute video's showing several levels instead of seeing the title screen for 10 seconds and having one character running into its demise for 20.



Steve said:

Wow, that Romance vid really IS dismal. I've never played it, but judging by that video it seems the entire game consists of moving around options screens on some type of map. Not what I would consider a great preview. (Thank god for!)

Still, it's nice to see Nintendo providing a way to "try before you buy" even if it is a little wanting at the moment.



PowerLegend said:

idiot, it's called a strategy game. it's not a platformer, or fighting game. it's a strategy-war type of game and it's pretty good. go play advance wars. it's similar to that.

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