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Sat 21st Feb 2009

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Lonnie2Hottie commented on Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! Coming to US Club N...:

Meh I don't know. Doesn't look very good. Then again, I already have the Game & Watch Collection so I might as well get it considering I don't want the folders and what not. I wish they would give us Wii/DSi points or better games as a reward.



Lonnie2Hottie commented on Review: Game & Watch Mario's Cement Factory (D...:

The Game & Watch Collection from Club Nintendo only has 3 games on it. Although I must admit I love Green House the most. I think its pretty cool to have these available on the DSi Ware service. I have a few points on my DSi so I will probably get this. Thanks for the review!



Lonnie2Hottie commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd February 2010 (North A...:

Well, I have bought into the hype behind Flipper, so I will get that tonight. I may possibly check out aura aura climber as well. These 200 point DSi games are getting better and better. In fact, DSi ware as a whole is really impressing me.



Lonnie2Hottie commented on Review: Spotto! (DSiWare):

I'm a grown-up and this is one of my favorite DSi ware games. I mean, for 200 points I think there is more than enough content. I would most definately recommend this download to anyone. Spotto!



Lonnie2Hottie commented on Madden NFL 10 (Wii) Trailer:

Sweet. I haven't bought a Madden game in probably 4 years or so. I like the look of the Wii version. Reminds me of Blitz in a way. I'm gonna keep an eye on this one. Oh, by the way. 1st!!