Stunt Cars (WiiWare)

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It's Stunt Cars!

High-speed competitive stunt racing over fast paced track circuits with chicanes, ramps, raised hairpin turns, half-pipes and even jumps over alien UFO’s! Can you become the ultimate Stunt Car Racer?


  • 24 wild and challenging stunt tracks
  • 4 different Multiplayer game modes, for up to 4 players (Wii version)
  • Extensive single player gameplay, including Race, Time Trial, Championship and Time Challenge modes
  • Wii Steering Wheel™-compatible racing (Wii version)
  • Choose from 6 individually tuned cars which are rated differently for speed, acceleration, braking and handling
  • Earn Achievement awards; 12 to win – including Gold Hero, Track Warrior, Stopwatch Pro, Stunt Champion

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USA USA Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Crash and burn.

We've already seen a few racing titles released on the WiiWare service, although, to be fair, many of them have been fairly substandard. So any time a new racing title is released, it's generally met with not only a small degree of anticipation, but also...

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KnucklesSonic8 said:

Definitely holds some potential. Looking forward to seeing if the gameplay makes for a solid package despite the lack of online play.



Bass_X0 said:

We must give our thanks to the WiiWare for keeping such shovelware of the shelves off our gameshops. Some pics do make the game look reasonable for a WiiWare game though.



Modern_Legend said:

looks like it could be a cheap excitebots crossed with mario kart. Will keep my eye on this
@KS8 Id rather have no online in return for a game that runs at a constant/steady framerate in single player and local multiplayer




well no online is a drag but it might make up for driift mania........it never came to us/canada:(:(



Kelvin said:

You forget; eerything has to be online and HD, otherwise it's no good! Sadly, that seems to be the way of modern video game criticism.

(Or maybe he has no local players, which would be fair enough.)

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