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Sun 15th Nov 2009

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WiiCool commented on Stunt Cars:

"No online I'll pass" lol.. what you can't play games in solo mode?



WiiCool commented on Review: Christmas Clix (WiiWare):

"It looks like a dime-a-dozen freeware game thrown together without a single staffer who understands visual art or layout." I've taken the plunge and will voice my honest feedback soon enough.



WiiCool commented on Review: Copter Crisis (WiiWare):

"WiiWare games do not have the value a fiscal buyer like myself looks for."
Sure, go ahead and buy other games for 2-4 times the price then. 5-10.00 for a wiiware game is not that bad. With that said..I was hoping this game would be better. 4/10..hmm..errrr... angry me, was looking forward to this one.



WiiCool commented on Review: Solitaire (WiiWare):

8/10...seriously? For a basic set of card games? Don't get me wrong, I can see some (older) folks playing this, and it seems like an ok presentation. But again...8/10? That seems very lop-sided to me for one of the most simple game experiences on any computer/console. If I want to play boring "cards" I'll get my parents or my wife to play or perhaps I'll play it on my computer, but on the wii? uh....nope.



WiiCool commented on Interviews: Christmas Clix - JV Games:

"already done puzzle game" - I keep seeing that, but I can't find any other game like the screenshots I've seen so far. I really hope it's not some kind bejeweled clone wrapped up in a Christmas theme. Single player is ok as long as it saves scores for multiple players.



WiiCool commented on WiiWare Demo Program Proving Successful:

yes! More demos, more freebies to play! Glad they're saying it's making more money for them. But I have to be honest here, if enough games are free to demo, that might keep me from buying any ware goodies at all. Just play the various demos all the time.



WiiCool commented on Christmas Clix Coming November 30th:

jeesh people..where's your Christmas spirit! This looks like a perfect game for the Holidaze. It's no Mario, but it looks very fun and all sugar coated. Assuming price is right, I'm all over this for the Holidays. I'll probably have this running right up to New Years. Bring on the flames, but I just purchased pong toss and it's not half as bad as some of you suggest. (ducking head..)



WiiCool commented on WiiWare Demo Service Now Available Worldwide!:

It's not just the best games, it's games that developers agreed to code demos for. This takes time ofcourse. I personally hope Nintendo FORCES all developers to make demo versions. But for all the Holiday releases, we're probably not going to see any demos. And I do agree this will pretty much kill sales for wiiware. Like many of us, I'd rather download and play several games for free compared to buying a single game. Hopefully Nintendo has some kind of bonus for developers with the most downloads.



WiiCool commented on Christmas Clix:

Someone said there was a flash version of this game available, but I couldn't find it? I'm not seeing that many wii christmas games this year, this better come out at a reasonable (cheap) price.



WiiCool commented on Christmas Clix Coming to WiiWare:

Looks really nice, loved the trailer, so I searched on JV Games and wasn't too excited about their other 2 games. That doesn't give me alot of confidence in this game. Too early to get all Christmasy now, but if the price is right I'll probably be playing this during the Holidays.