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Harvest Moon series will soon be making an appearance on Nintendo's WiiWare service. The game will be titled Harvest Moon Series: My Little Shop and will focus primarily on shop management.

Harvest Moon: My Little Shop features:

  • play as boy or girl
  • create your own shop
  • create different types of shops
  • design interior/exterior
  • Ice Cream Parlor: turn milk into soft cream
  • unlock stickers and paint through other portions of the game
  • juice and ice cream are created through mini-games

You'll still be able to play as either a boy or a girl and you'll have the opportunity to create your own shop from various types of stores including: Juice Shops, Ice Cream Parlors, and even Easter Egg shops. You'll be able to customize the interior and exterior of your store and even snap photos of it to share with other Wii owners via the online function of the Wii.

You'll operate your store by creating items using various mini games. So if a customer comes into your juice shop and places a specific order, you'll then play a mini-game that will allow you the chance to create the specified item for your customer. If you're successful, you'll please your customers and they'll likely return to your shop in the future. Your store will even be frequented by past Harvest Moon characters.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Work sucks.

Farm life has always been the focus of the Harvest Moon series, and My Little Shop technically continues that tradition. You do live on a farm and have to knock out the daily rituals of watering crops, feeding the chickens and petting the cows, but...

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KnucklesSonic8 said:

Definitely getting this. It'll be my first HV game!
Oh and My Pokemon Ranch much?
Might I add that this game has been slated for 1,500 Points.



VenomTheEvil said:

Could be good. keep a eye on this one.

@ the guy above
How is this at all like pokemon ranch?
Apart from the name its completely not the same thing.



Kadaj said:

I love Harvest Moon, but I'm going to have to pass on this. I want a good farming challenge, not running a shop.




Bass_X0 said:

Its a mini-game compilation with a Harvest Moon theme. Not a Harvest Moon game that cuts out all the farming. There's a difference. The HM name should do good for sales.




well at first i thought it would be bad but i look at it now and it looks real cool



crossmr said:

this looks very similar to dozens of Korean cell phone games. There are many "tycoon" games available on cell phones that are basically this style. Mini games centered around running a store. You need to plant crop, or order things and do challenges to ensure all your stock is there and can sell for the customer. At around $2.50 as a cell phone game it seems okay, but I wouldn't pay 1200 points for it unless there is a lot more here.



eeveefox1 said:

thats a lie its 2010 now and it still haz not come out yet in the US.....adn i really want to no when it comes out to T-T

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