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Wonderful puzzle adventure with famous puzzle-loving rabbit Bobby Carrot in the lead role. Travel through an idyllic dream world and solve the mystery of the golden carrots.

The multi award-winning "Bobby Carrot" game series contains fascinating game environments and imaginative levels. You are now getting the opportunity to experience the ultimate version of this best-selling game. Go and see the improved graphics, newly arranged soundtrack and tons of fantastic puzzle levels for yourself! Try each level as often as you want, thereĀ“s no game over!

The main task is to collect all carrots or plant all easter eggs within a level - and reach the exit. The exit is only active when all carrots are collected. But in order to reach all collectable carrots, numerous puzzles are to be solved as the way is blocked by puzzle-like obstacles.There are no monsters, no blood and no high-speed action involved.

The game features a story mode, hub-worldmap and bonus minigames.

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Posted by Zach Kaplan

At last

Few titles have successfully combined the puzzler and adventure genres like Chip's Challenge and its ilk. Bobby Carrot Forever is one such derivative, removing the Sokoban-influenced box-pushing and building on a foundation of collectible items and...

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Corbs said:

I'm just not familiar with these games. I think I need to do a little research. :)



tatemon555 said:

It looks very interesting! This will probably be something I'll keep my eye on for a while.



GotWii said:

This looks interesting , I wonder how difficult the puzzles are? Because I am thinking this would be a good child's game for my younger boy.



wiiwareaddict said:

Have this on my little screen on cell phone.It will be nice to play it without straining the eyes. My best guess based on cell phone game and my kids would have to be ages 8+.



Ian_Daemon said:

From the screen shots the puzzles seem similar to those in "Chip's Challenge" for the PC. Are they?



Bass_X0 said:

I hope the amount of DLC available for this game doesn't knock the score down. You don't have to get it.



MikeyMikeMike said:

@8, If they are similar to Chip's Challenge that's a good thing. I was addicted to that game.
@9 I actually favor DLC in concept, the pricing structure just has to make sense though...one that doesn't make the game seem like a demo without it (space invaders get even).



winter123 said:

If anyone bought it please post your impressions! I'm tempted. It seems delightfully random.



Gamma_128 said:

This game is good. It's a lot like Chip's Challenge. It's challenging, the graphics are nice and colorful, and the music is pretty catchy. I'm glad I bought it.

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