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Shovel Knight (Wii U eShop)

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Shovel Knight is a sweeping classic action adventure game with awesome gameplay, memorable characters, and an 8-bit retro aesthetic.

It's a hot mashup of new and old that may remind you of Mega Man, Castlevania, or Dark Souls! You play as the eponymous Shovel Knight, a small knight with a huge quest. Shovel Knight has come to this valley with two goals: to defeat the evil Enchantress and save his lost beloved. He wields a ShovelBlade: a multipurpose weapon whose techniques have now been lost to the ages. Always honest and helpful, Shovel Knight is a shining example of the code of Shovelry: Slash Mercilessly and Dig Tirelessly!

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Poki said:

Wow, with Citizens of Earth, Pier Solar HD and Shovel Knight there are three very interesting RPGs to come to the Wii U in march! Of those three, I am only sure to buy the first two though, Shovel Knight sounds a bit boring, but we'll see.

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