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Video: Here Is The First Footage Of 90s Arcade Racer Running On The Wii U

Here Is The First Footage Of 90s Arcade Racer Running On The Wii U

Looks superb

It’s been quite some time since we last heard from developer Antonis "Pelikan13" Pelekanos about his hotly anticipated Kickstarter project, 90s Arcade Racer. A love letter to SEGA’s cabinet racer line including the likes of Daytona USA, 90s Arcade Racer for the Wii U eShop and several other platforms will pay tribute to the arcade...

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User Comments (15)



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

day one buy for me from the eshop if it has online multiplayer!! the wii u is in desperate need of a racer that looks like this !! not a kart racer!!



U3N said:

This seriously brings me back to Daytona USA days. Nostalgia is written all over this one. I'd buy it...if I had a Wii U.



Kolzig said:

Backed this in Kickstarter for the PC version. Sucks for the European customers if Pelikan13 has given any rights for the releases to the lousy Nicalis.

That will mean that Wii U customers in Europe will never get this game. But the developer is cool so I hope Nicalis won't have a chance to cheat the European customers on this one.



Sammycrow said:

So wait, what happened to this? All the sources I can find say it was supposed to come out in December...



vice86 said:

Heard about this game over a year ago and was excited back then...love the 90's arcade racers...the sense of speed and the bright colors. Was disappointed to hear for Wii U first and always end up forgetting about this game. Recently bought a Wii U and while searching for stuff found this game again and totally forgot its going too Wii U first. Read somewhere that we may see it in September! I hope so...Wii U is short on decent racers. I mean Mario Kart and Sonic Transformation is cool and Most Wanted U is the only "serious" racing game...so I'm so looking forward to That 90's Racing Game.

Why I'm sharing my thoughts, i have no idea..lol.



Toadthefox said:

I'm ready for this game to be out. Love the 90's arcade racers, and this one looks exceptional. Very much want to be playing this game soon!!!

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