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Get N or Get Out!

Male, 18, United Kingdom

I'm a digital artist and animation student based in the UK. The N64's my favourite console (even though it's barely older than I am!) and WarioWare DIY's my all-time favourite game. That's about it! :D

Fri 3rd Aug 2012

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Sammycrow commented on 3DS System Update, to Version 9.9.2-26, Ramps ...:

I saw that StreetPass Quest II has a feature called 'Helper Hare' now as well... no idea if it's related to this update or not but I never noticed it before. Seems like it could be pretty useful, helping to anticipate poison rooms that you don't see coming and point out treasures you haven't collected.



Sammycrow commented on PAL Gamers Can Brighten Their Day With This Cl...:

I did have the right amount of stars, but a few were due to expire at the end of the month so I spent them on the Kirby Triple Deluxe OST just yesterday... ah well. At least this is a light at the end of the tunnel for any future rewards appearing!



Sammycrow commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

Such a fantastic console! I'm only a wee teenager now so I never experienced the thing during its heyday, but the fact that it was the last home console to run on the aging cartridge format always intrigued me. I've been collecting for over 2 years now (28 games strong, with Star Fox 64 my top pick) and my appetite for the '64 is more voracious than ever! I'd argue it's never been beaten in terms of a truly gripping multiplayer experience, and so many games pushed the thing to its extremes, particularly near the end. Long live the King!



Sammycrow commented on The 90's Arcade Racer:

So wait, what happened to this? All the sources I can find say it was supposed to come out in December...