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Virtual Boy Wario Land (VB / Virtual Boy)

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"I, Wario, have an interesting story to tell. One day during my vacation in the Awazon river basin, I landed my trusty seaplane, Bulldog, and decide to relax in the shadow of the beautiful Aldegara Waterfall. While basking in the sun, I spied some strange creatures with masks entering the waterfall. This piqued my interest!

I hurried over and ofllowed them into the waterfall. Behind the falls there was a large cave, and in the back of the cave … there was a vault filled with a glorious mountain of treasure!!

Some of the masked creatures jumped me, but I quickly overcame them. "This treasure is all mine now!", I thought to myself and rushed in to collect the loot. Suddenly, the floor collapsed and I fell!

I found myself deep within the Earth! I was quite angry and vowed revenge on these creatures, I will get their treasure!!!"

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Posted by Dave Frear

The Virtual Boy's best game?

It's hard to talk about the Virtual Boy without mentioning Virtual Boy Wario Land; the ill-fated system only experienced 22 games throughout its short lifespan and this lack of software has resulted in some VB games getting a better reputation than they...

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Raichu06 said:

This probably the best VB game out there and not too hard to find like some of the system's rarer games. Has awesome graphics, fun bosses, fun levels, and it's addicting. The 3D in this game is some of the best the system has to offer. Basically if you have a Virtual Boy you need this game! No question about that.



Bass_X0 said:

I wish Nintendo would produce a full color version of this game for the DS.



Pastry said:

This game looks fun, I don't think it could beat Wario Land 4 though.



cecesigue said:

really well balanced game. easy and fun to play. passing from one level of depth to the other. really cool jokes and wario animations. i played this game so much that probably i would n´t get it again in a some kind of port.



StarDust4Ever said:

Please review this game. I played it back in the 90s when I was in high school, even if only for about 15-30 minutes. The few minutes I played on it were awesomeness, though



RegalSin said:

Too bad it was not on the GBA. It would sold like hot cakes on the Gameboy

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