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Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando (Wii Virtual Console / Virtual Console Arcade)

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Experience the Capcom arcade game that spawned a multitude of clones as the original Commando comes to your living room courtesy of the Virtual Console Arcade.

Take control of Super Joe and shoot your way—in all eight directions—towards the enemy's territory, using grenades to wreak havoc with enemy placements in this seminal genre creator.

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Posted by Philip J Reed


General William T. Sherman is popularly credited with coining the phrase "War is Hell", but we don't think he ever got the chance to play Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando. If he had, he surely would have said, "War is kind of dull, and a...

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cheetahman91 said:

Very glad to see Capcom is showing VCA interest. Hopefully the 19XX games will get ratings soon.



Link79 said:

What's this game like compared to Mercs on Genesis? About the same or is one better than the other?



cyrus_zuo said:

Wasn't the NES version of this better?
(I mean for a play at home game instead of a suck your quarters game)
I remember hidden underground areas and a focus on replayability.



vherub said:

the nes version was often hit with slowdown, and the graphics appear nicer in the arcade version. Don't know if there was extra content in the nes edition though

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