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The Tower of Druaga (VC Arcade / Virtual Console Arcade)

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Scale a skyscraper to rescue your lost love in The Tower of Druaga, the well-loved arcade classic!

Armed only with his trusty sword and shield, Gil has to battle his way through monsters and mazes to find the key to each floor and ascend to the next. As a bonus, Druaga's treasures are scattered throughout his tower. If Gil manages to grab even a few of them, he'll be a rich man...if he ever gets out of the tower.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Scale a skyscraper to rescue your lost love in The Tower of Druaga.

The Tower of Druaga is a moderately infamous arcade game. As the knight Gil (Who is really Gilgamesh) you must work your way up a gigantic 60-floor tower to rescue your beloved princess Ki from the clutches of the evil Druaga.Each floor is quite literally...

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User Comments (15)



Bass_X0 said:

i wonder how it would appear on the Wii. Obviously not like the XBox 360 version.



Drake said:

I downloaded Mappy, and if all games are like it, then it's basically the game in the middle of a giant black square, in which you can just barely make out the words "Arcade Game" repeatedly scrolling across the background diagonally.



Ferret75 said:

Isn't this that game where it's very easy to get unwinnable situations by getting or missing certain items? XD



Adamant said:

@Drake: Yep. I downloaded this, and black space fills half my screen.

@Ferret75: Yes. This is, bar none, the evilest and most unfair bastard game ever made. It's strangely compelling though, but it WILL make you want to break things.



Adamant said:

You know, I'm kind of curious about what score this one will end up getting - it's one of those games that are most definitely not for everyone, and it's very hard to give it a score because of that.
A lot of people love it, but an equal amount of people absolutely detest it, so the overall message a review should give would be something like "you should try it out, but there's a large chance you will hate it and consider it a waste of points". How do you reflect that in a score?

I don't think anyone considers it a "bad game" either, it's just very individual whether you'll like it or not.



CanisWolfred said:

It looks horrible! I thought it would be a Gauntlet clone, but this just looks like a game that should've been forgotten.



Kevin said:

Just don't play these virtual console arcade games in 16:9 format. It was unbearable to look at thanks to the arcade game name barrier. It actually looks boring unlike Gauntlet. Hopefully, the review can prove me wrong.



Corbs said:

@ Drake - Star Force doesn't even have the "Arcade Game" floaties.



Drake said:

Tecmo and their cheapness, apparently their game config menu also looks incredibly basic compared to that of the other three

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