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Neutopia II (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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Some years have passed since the brave hero Jazeta destroyed Dirth, the Emperor of Darkness. Peace has returned to the land of Neutopia. But there are still monsters roaming the countryside, and some of them were spotted near Yurius Shrine. Jazeta went there to find out what exactly had happened. But he didn't return. You are Jazeta's son, and you must first of all find your missing father! Can it be that the shadow of Emperor of Darkness threatens the peaceful land again?

The sequel to Neutopia is similar to the predecessor in every way. Navigating your hero from a top-down view, you explore the vast countryside, fighting monsters in real time combat. The game is not a true RPG, but an action adventure: you don't gain any experience points from combat, only collect money to buy supplies. In dungeons, you must use bombs on walls to reveal secret passages, push stones, and fight many regular enemies and bosses.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Some years have passed since the brave hero Jazeta destroyed Dirth, the Emperor of Darkness.

Looking very much like it predecessor, Neutopia II plays more like an expansion pack than a fully-fledged sequel. Shamelessly stealing ideas from Nintendo’s Zelda series, this action RPG trundles along quite amiably but never really reaches the heights...

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8BITPLYR said:

1st post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent game, even if it's just a Zelda clone. It improves upon its predecessor immensely.



eltomo said:

I gotta admit, that doesnt look too bad, might look into game more =)

I dont have Zelda for VC, as I have it on GBA, and I love it, so its a good reason for me to get this game =)



Zantagor said:

Like Neutopia 1, it does use the File Cabinet (save files), so no need to use the passwords.

You can always use the suspend play too.



MorikaWeb said:

Thanks Zantagor. I cant stand passwords so I was debating weather to try it, but I will now that I know it has a save feature.



Braeden said:

Im not too sure about this one. I really didnt like the Zelda for NES and this looks very similar.



HF9 said:

Between the original and the sequel, if I were to only download one, which would you guys recommend?



Odonadon said:

The first two Neutopia games had save features, but required an add-on to the TurboGrafx-16 such as the TurboBooster Plus or the CD-ROM. The TurboGrafx-16 VC game reviewer here doesn't seem to be very familiar with the system. I'm sure this is is due to the fact that the PC Engine/Core Grafx/TurboGrafx-16 systems were different in almost every region

Having said that, I'd rate this game on par with Zelda III (for the SNES) but focuses more on using magic than just your sword. One of my favourite alltime games.



KhaoShar said:

This is an action-adventure, not an RPG. RPGs involve leveling by experience points of some sort while in an actionadventure you gain strenght by collecting the right items, even if it's something like a heartcontainer in Zelda. Although some might dissagree and say things like "you are playing a character-role" I'm just trying to make clear the technical difference so nobody can come back and say they had been missinformed ("How do I level up in this frikkin RPG (;_;)", or the likes... ).



Zweck36 said:

Is this game more like Lagoon? Because if it plays more like Lagoon than Zelda I'm out. If it plays more like Zelda I'll get them both. Somebody please help answer. Anybody remeber Lagoon for SNES?



KhaoShar said:

Can't remeber 'Lagoon'. I know a game named 'Bahamut Lagoon', a RPG by Square-Enix (only Squaresoft back then) for SNES and Neutopia is defnt'ly not like that- if that's any help for you =OuO=



dualj said:

I definately Agree with you on your definition of an RPG KhaoShar. I will get this game after the first one. I like things in order if I can choose.



dave said:

Fun Zelda clone with addictive music, lots of items, and better puzzles than the first game has. It also has towns and more development in the story. Lots of fun for a Zelda fan.

Not a five star game. Four stars? That's about right. Zelda: A Link To The Past is five stars.



Bass_X0 said:

i am seriously considering this game soon. with the other two games i get with my next new card, i'll have six hundred points left so i'm thinking of downloading this.



Villain said:

I was pleasently surprised with this little sweetiepie.

As shameless a clone can get, it definetly gets the job done with some sweet music and slim controls. The graphics are great, too.



vicviper said:

I agree with Pocketim, this looks better than the first game. You have to play Neutopia I to get the most out of this great sequel I feel. This has more colourful graphics and better controls than the first. I love Zelda 3, so it's brilliant to have two games of a similar ilk available for download on a Nintendo system, especially when they're this good!!!



Omega said:

Compared to the first part, there are a few improvements: You can walk in diagonal directions, which makes the hero much easier to control. The graphics are a little nicer and the overworld of the game no longer has 4 distinct worlds, but there is one big world consisting of 10 areas which are fused together.

There is also some new equipment for the player: A boomerang that constantly flies away if you are not careful. And in addition to the fire staff, there is now a wind staff and a lightning staff. Also new is a grappling hook with its help you can collect distant items but what you almost never need. And Snow Shoes that let you walk on ice without slipping and an Aqua Lung (which looks like the Zora's Mask) that gives you the abilty to breathe under water at one point in the game. Nice.

Unfortunately, some negative points were not improved: You can, for example, only hold 2 potions at a time. When you find another one, it will be discarded. The same is true for almost all other objects, except for Boom Bombs, of which you can have a maximum of 20. At least at the end of the game. Also, I found it disappointing that there is still no in-game map in the game. I therefore recommend to download some maps from the internet. A good place to look for it is "www.vgmaps.com".

The dungeons were also not really improved. The goodies are mostly in secret rooms, hidden behind bombable walls. Because you do not get tips where these bombable walls are, you must often guess and try to find something. New in the dungeons are many invisible pressure plates, that trigger dangerous traps if you step on them.

There are 8 real Dungeons and 10 Bosses. This is because two of the bosses are in mini dungeons, which only consist of three rooms. The difficulty of the game is actually not too high, except in the last dungeon. The last boss can be very, very frustrating and annoying.

He takes away all your long range weapons and only the sword remains. Then he tackles you with your own fire-, wind- and lightning staff and drains your life bar to zero before you can even complain about it. And the worst thing is, if you die, you will be transported all the way back outside of the dungeon and must go through the whole 4 storey pyramid again. This is the point where you wish you had played the game on a PC-Emulator, where you can use savestates.

But apart from the last annoying boss, I found it enjoyable to play through the game. It is certainly not as well-engineered as "Zelda: A Link to the past" but is yet fun to play. Excluding the flaws that I noticed, there are still 3 stars I can admit.



Ry-Type said:

You can't go wrong with either but Startropics does quickly (and unexpectedly) become one of the toughest NES games you'll ever play. I'd go with Both.



MasterMario said:

In the review, you said Zelda III twice. There was no Zelda III, unless you were talking about A Link To The Past.



Bass_X0 said:

I also gave up on Neutopia at the beginning. I kept dying repeatedly, not knowing about the healer and the saver just before the first dungeon. I gave it another go recently and having found out about them, the game has certainly improved for me and allowed me to progress much further. I'm actually enjoying it now whereas before, Neutopia II was a disappointment to me that I wished I had never downloaded. I will probably never complete it though thanks to that end boss.

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