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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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bobuido commented on Chase H.Q.:

I know I'm only gonna play this once or twice but that's worth £4.20 right? Looks in the air and shakes his fist Dam you nostalgia trips! Making me buy games I won't play... Again!



bobuido commented on Bionic Commando Not Approved For Virtual Console:

That makes me a sad panda. I do have it on the NES, so anyone near London can pop round and play it if it means that much to them
I have PS3 and will probably get Rearmed and the new 3D one. I didn't read the whole thread but I think the word to sum it up would probably be "pissed" A much loved game it would seem.



bobuido commented on Top 10 Racing Games We Want To Come To The Vir...:

Wait a minute... I loved the Micromachines series and that all started with the NES version. I can't help but notice you've managed to leave out the best game in the series! Micromachines 64! God I loved that game. I played it with my friends almost as much as Goldeneye and Perfect Dark! Fine have MK as 1st but 2nd place should definitely be reserved for MM64.



bobuido commented on US VC Releases - 17th December - Cybernator:

Please correct me if I'm wrong (please let me be wrong) but didn't M$ buy Rare? In which case, why would M$ ever license Golden Eye or Perfect Dark to the VC?

There are many kick ass N64 titles I'm waiting on. Micro Machines V64 being at the top of the list. That game is a world of greatness wrapped up in a cartridge. MM64 for Christmas would have been sweet.