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Alien Crush (TG-16 / TurboGrafx-16)

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Alien Crush is a fan-favorite pinball game that features a sinister sci-fi theme. Play through a two-level playing field that comes to life with pulsating alien creatures. Rack up a high enough score, clear the board of these extraterrestrials and discover secret bonus stages.

The game features realistic pinball action, complete with a tilt function and two selectable soundtracks. Do you have what it takes to fight back against this alien infestation?

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Alien Crush is a fan-favorite pinball game that features a sinister sci-fi theme.

It's easy to dismiss Alien Crush as "just another video pinball game," but those who do so will be missing out on an outstanding Turbografx-16 game. While it is a pinball game at heart, Alien Crush somehow takes a great Alien theme and manages...

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User Comments (18)



kernow said:

I love this game, been playing it for hours .. finally beat my friends hiscore last night at 2am



Baldasacoot said:

I've always been a fan of pinball games but this has left me uninspired.

I played it twice and never touched it again. Yes, the mechanics are good but to me it seems all about the graphics. A nice alien-style environment which in its day was impressive, but now it fails to impress. The game also lacks table features, with far less ramps & bumpers etc. than should be included in a pinball video game. Only one table as well.

I like the sound FX though.



nephew77 said:

Brilliant! I love the musical score, the bonus stages, the pinball physics...great fun! The TG-16 was home to the three best pinball games ever: Alien Crush, Devil's Crush, and Time Cruise. Amazing replay value. Alien Crush will be one of the VC games that you play the most if you have any interest in pinball.



Jay said:

The table feels small and cramped, but the ball physics are more realistic and satisfying than Devil's Crush. Devil's Crush had the better tables, though. Pinball fanatics should buy both, casuals should choose one - they're both great.



GS said:

Another Great damn game on the Turbo Grafx... Really fun game, and pinball games usually bore me... this one is full of cool minigames, cool effects, sweet graphics and addicting soundtrack... Definitely worth it.



McCabe said:

I really tried to like this one...it was among my first downloads...and along with the abysmal ninja turtles game for NES, it just sits there, collecting virtual dust.



StarSoldier1 said:

I admit the split screen feature was annoying but the sharp graphics, interesting target and cool music always bring me back.



Cal said:

I actually think that this game is better than devils crush!!
can see peoples resoning behind the other option, but I just think this is more addictive, plus the music never gets old!



Manicfatty said:

The game is fun, it just never reaches the heights of Devil's Crush - a far superior game. Given that both are available, definately go for Devil's Crush. I downloaded this because I thought it would take a lot longer for DC to arrive. Ooops. Still, it's fun, and a distant second place.



The_shoemaker said:

I hope the wiiware one will be better then all of the crush games. I've never played this one, but I've never been much of a pinball fan, But I know it's not just pinball.



Corbs said:

While I'll agree that Devil's Crush is a better game, Alien Crush is still a heck of a lot of fun to play, even to this very day.



WeeGee said:

I bought this along with Alien Crush Returns and definetly prefer this one over the remake. It's really fun.



Falk_Sturmfels said:

I picked it up after downloading Devils Crush. At the moment i´m on a pinball-trip. Ball physics look more realistic here at this one, but the table itself is a little empty. Nice game. Lets see what secrets i will find.



JustanotherGamer said:

Alien Crush manages to be one of times where the "videogame pinball concept" works. A feat that is difficult to do even now. In the 7th generation of consoles.

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