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Sports don’t come much faster and more intense than dodge ball, and this classic NES simulation brings you all the fun without the bruises!

In World Mode, take charge of Team USA and face off against rival teams around the world to become number one. But beware: certain teams’ courts have obstacles like slippery ice or swamps. Alternatively, compete against a friend in Versus Play, and hone your skills without rules in the free-for-all Bean Ball mode for one or two players.

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Super Lag Ball

Many people are familiar with River City Ransom, the cult classic NES game, but what you might not know is that it's actually part of a series with many, many more titles. Of course, that can be hard to figure out when those that were localized all got...

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Utterly ridiculous and sublime

When firing up an NES game in the modern day, no less a silly spin-off sports title from the era, a certain mindset is required. If you're intolerant of sticky animation, that flickering effect that NES games have when there's too much on screen and wonky...

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USA USA Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Not too dodgy

The characters from River City Ransom (of which the main character is known in Japan as Kunio-kun) are back for a friendly game of dodge ball. Or are they? If you've played the aforementioned game, you'll know that the Kunio series hilariously overdoes...

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News: USA VC Releases: Super Dodge Ball and Vectorman

USA VC Releases: Super Dodge Ball and Vectorman

Don't just buy Mega Man 9 on WiiWare this week and ignore the Virtual Console - There's two great games up for grabs there as well!

If you've played the excellent River City Ransom, you'll probably think Super Dodge Ball looks strangely familiar. If you do, you're right, because it's another game in the Kunio series, which all share a similar art style. Strangely, outside Japan, the link between..

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User Comments (32)



jacknozwad said:

Im happy to see this actually. There is also a new dodgeball game coming to Nintendo DS... I still would like to see a VC to DS system with the Wii. Something like Sony does with the PSP and the PS3 using original Playstation games. Imagine playing NES on the go...



deggs said:

is this the one that allowed for four players to play simultaneously on the nes or was that a different dodge ball game?



deggs said:

actually, i think i'm thinking of super spike volley ball or something?



Cally said:


NO KIDDING! Especially when a PS1 game costs only six to ten bucks on that service. And yeah, that would make me quite a bit less conscience-stricken about the money we shell out for games older than that (both on the tube and on the go)--they could easily do it, too, as proven by the pirating scene (yeah I have morals--I pay for stuff . . . probably paying for all the pirates' stuff too ) from everything short of the N64.

Come on, Nintendo. You're winning the console wars. Share the happiness!



jacknozwad said:

To deggs... yeah that was super spike... another fun and somewhat odd sports title.

To Cally... Im ok with the current prices for VC games... when I look at my ps3 for games i get a bit pissed off as there really isn't a selection of good games. for instance: nintendo gets at least 1-3 classic games per week... PS3 is lucky to see 1 classic release per month.



jacknozwad said:

To deggs... yeah that was super spike... another fun and somewhat odd sports title.

To Cally... Im ok with the current prices for VC games... when I look at my ps3 for games i get a bit pissed off as there really isn't a selection of good games. for instance: nintendo gets at least 1-3 classic games per week... PS3 is lucky to see 1 classic release per month.



michinmuri said:

OMG! This is a classic piece of NES awesomness. You will not go worng with this download. There is some slowdown and times when the game can't process all that's going on (things start to flicker a bit) but it's still so awesome. At 500 points you need to pick this game up! Like it said above, if you like sports and River City Ransom, you will love this.



jakers007 said:

i used to love this game growing up and still played it not too long ago. the original copy that i had broke so this will be an immediate purchase. countless hours were spent playing this one especially with friends.



Villain said:

Now this is my kind of sports game! Beating the senses out of various ball players from around the world with a ball and calling it sports...finalle a NES game for me to look forward to. Had a lot of good memories of this game playing it Vs with a friend.



AlphaNerd01 said:

I'm surprised this wasn't released in correlation with the Super Dodge Ball game on the DS. That would of been marketing gold.



Ricardo91 said:

I love River City Ransom, and I love Dodgeball, so I'll be looking out for this one. I'd much rather download this then get the GBA or DS game for X-times the price.



TheLuigiDude said:

Mr. Cheez, the later versions of the game are much better! I mean if you're a big fan of the original then by all means get Brawlers, its so much fun. While Advance is much faster, I like how Brawlers is the most Kunio style out of the bunch. That said I still enjoy the original, but screw that we need the uber rare Neo Geo one instead!



Ricardo91 said:

@TheLuigiDude. Wait, so the remakes ARE worth the cash, you say? That's good to hear. I was going to get Brawlers at one point, but I decided not to, since I seem to be coming down with a severe case of "DS remake fever". Fire Emblem, Krby Superstar, FF IV, Chrono Trigger, DQ IV, you get the picture. Even though I never played the original game, I think I'll give Brawlers a shot. It keeps the RCR-style graphics (Which is half the appeal of this game for me.), and it's much easier to get a multiplayer match together, as I don't have to mess with the link cables (which me nor anyone else uses anymore anyways.).

After all, that'll probably be easier than waiting for this to come out.



Adamant said:

Psst, guys, Super Dodgeball is older than River City Ransom. The characters aren't "back".



Jashin said:

Well, does this mean, we get a chance to play Nintendo World Cup soon? I hpoe so...



Ragnor said:

I love RCR, but I doubt I'll get this one when its out in EU (If its not one of those US and JP only games)



Captain_Konami said:

The release of this and Megaman 2 go a LONG ways toward rounding out my NES must haves list. If someone can get Big N to conjure up Pro Wrestling and Goonies II some time soon, this might be the month in the history of the world.

As far as the RCR characters games, all that is really missing now is that Soccer game they made as a sort of Super dodge ball parallel, and They will have done the little flat top guys a true service.

Super dodge ball is uttely amazing. It has only moderate depth and options, yet it is so clean and designed with such great intuitive and responsive controls, and the mix of throws and power throws provide just enough to both blast people out of the court and also strategize a bit. I still have my NES and this game, and I LOVE standing just a bit away from the midline, do a blind catch and then run up and power blast the other player in the back of the head while they are trying to retreat!!

And........ there is no force on earth or in this game that can stand against a well used Sam. (a jumping power shot from Sam flying out the back of the court can REALLY do some damage due to "screen pull". Ohhhhh how I LOVE classic NES game mechanics!



Betagam7 said:

My God, that is some of the worst sprite flicker I've ever seen in my life!

Nice to see the Union Jack once again solely representing England as it irroneously did in every 80's and early 90's sports game



Adamant said:

@Ragnor: I THINK Super Dodgeball never got a European release back in the day. It never got a Norwegian one, at least.

(Nintendo World Cup got a release, though - when are they putting THAT on the VC?)



occipital said:

I'm with the Captain on this one. Great game, and yes there us flicker, but after a little bit you don't even notice. As for the Pro Wrestling and Goonies II, man, I hear ya.

My fave shot in this game is the one where the ball goes very slow, but if it isn't properly caught, your player flies across the screen a few times. Hilarity at its finest.



WarGreymon77 said:

lol @ when the guys get hit by the ball. I'm a River City Ransom veteran from the NES days, but I've never played this game before. Gotta love when the bodies go flying. By the way, no I don't own a Wii yet. I was judging this game by the video clip.



Captain_Konami said:

@Adroitone: Huh. I've never seen that version before. After being brought up on the relative simplicity of NES one, that looks pretty freaky (but probably quite fun). Kinda reminds me of Metal Slug compared to Contra.

@occipital: Ditto on the nature of the flicker, you can almost get used to it as just a alternate mode of game play. And YES, the irony of the slowest shot in the game launching the person...... perfection! That, the around the world, and the accelerator one (the one that's launched from a super jump, sails down to the ground and runs parallel and picks up speed the whole time......especially when launched from the BACK of your own court ) are beauty in motion.

When I was younger, I thought the lightening shot was the coolest thing around..........until a friend showed me how frickin easy it was to dodge (until that trick, all I had was a last minute dash to out run it.... ). But now it's all about Sam the Man.

Oh, and gotta love that Kenya level...... running power shots almost standing still. This game really amazes me in it's smart chosen variety.



kralos123 said:

It's a very funny game indeed... I have it original on my NES.

This is one of the earliest "kunio-kun" game of the series, so the graphics isn't quite like river city ransom, nitntendo world cup, and so on...

Have you seen the TG16 version of this game? It's a lot better in graphics and playability, but the best version is for NEOGEO... It would be very nice to see this version on VC!!



Big_A2 said:

Great, we have to wait untill the next Hanabi Festival to have a slight chance of getting this game.

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