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Sword of Vermilion (MD / Mega Drive)

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Sword of Vermilion is about the role of Erik's son, who takes on a quest of revenge to defeat Tsarkon and free the world of Vermilion from evil. In the town of Excalabria the people went about their business, and tended to the fields. One day, vicious fighting broke out everywhere as the army from Cartahena, led by the wizard-king Tsarkon, swarmed all over the town. The townsmen were overwhelmed. The castle of King Erik V collapsed.

Summoning his bravest, strongest and most faithful warrior, Blade. He gave his infant son and an ancient family heirloom, the ring of wisdom, to Blade. He ordered Blade to save himself and the child while the castle burned. Blade traveled to a small village named Wyclif, where he settled down and raised the child as his own son. Eighteen years later, the son of Erik begins his quest. Save the world of Vermilion and fulfill the prophecy of the Malaga fortune tellers!

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Get your revenge and defeat Tsarkon to free the world of Vermilion from evil.

Famously developed by Virtua Fighter creator Yu Suzuki, this was one of the first RPGs for Sega's 16-bit system and to be brutally honest, it shows. The graphics are basic and the sound is average so be prepared for a technically underwhelming experience...

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spoonard said:

This was one of the best RPG's on the Genesis! I'll grab this one as soon as it hits the VC!!



Bass_X0 said:

I've never played the game but from what I saw, the graphics just look dull and flat. I know the Mega Drive is capable of more vibrant and livelier graphics but sadly not here.



mc_chick said:

In the early 90's sword of vermillion was one of the best RPG's to play. The game looks, sounds and plays even better than phantasy star and final fantasy. For a RPG the graphics were very good and the sound was superb. The sound fits perfect in this type of game (medieval RPG) and makes playing it that much better. This wasn't a rockhard RPG, but a perfect game to start your future RPG addiction.



Warsong said:

In its time this SoV was ground-breaking. Sega had a series of full page magazine ads that showcased just how good the Genesis graphics were on its newest games. SoV and Strider are the two spreads I remember clearly.

Vermillion's strengths:
Combat is action oriented--a welcome break from many of the menu driven RPGS of that time.
Boss fights were gorgeous for the day.
Some of the music is top notch.
More serious than most RPG's.

The first-person views are a bit clunky and disorienting when navigating the maze-like world.
Ditto for the dungeons.



Damo said:

Warsong - I love your name - I assume it's taken from the brilliant Megadrive/Gensis RPG of the same name (which in turn is based on the Japanese series Langrisser)? I'd love it if that was released on the VC!



Wolf said:

It's like a weird mix of dragon quest, doom and brainlord... lol. All of your basic enemies are there: slimes, Drakee-looking things, wizards, skeletronz! and my favorite, the giant squishy eyeballs. At first I was kind of put off by the combat system with the lame animation making it seem like you're killing things with the hilt of your sword (or light saber from the looks of it) instead of with the actual sword itself. I realized that if they had given me a bigger swing I probably would have never received damage! If you get the hit detection working for your advantage you can have some great battles. I had one instance where 8 of those dragon-whelp things attacked me and I did a spin move killing 3 at once and I came out unscathed lol! I was like "did I do that?" It's tricky to find the maps so you can see where you're going, and the dialog seems very cliche and uninspired, but they do give good hints. After I played for 4-5 hours straight I realized I was addicted, and my first boss battle absolutely got me hooked.

So, I'm having tons of fun with this one! It's a nice game and it has a lot to offer, but the combat system (besides the boss battles) could really use some work. The score is accurate 3/5 but it's definitely worth your points.



Jimbob said:

I'm sorry Damo, but your console RPG knowledge must be seriously lacking. SOV was the greatest Genesis RPG of them all and that is why at the time it received 90%+ reviews from almost all sources. (I don't consider the Shining games or Landstalker to be RPG's by the way).

At the time of release the graphics were very good indeed and the soundtrack far more thoughtful than the crash, band, wallop of most others.

However,I can't blame you...I looked at another website for my sins and they gave the game 7.5. The visitors of the website however voted 9.5- and that was exactly how good it was in its day, about 95%.

Anyone who buys this game, remember not to look through rose tinted specs and to expect 64 bit graphics. The gemesis/megadrive simply wasn't what you remember. For those however who can remember this great game and this great console for what they were.....GET IT, IT'S GREAT!!!



Damo said:

Jimbob - Sorry mate, but I think this is a clear case of 'rose tinted specs' being applied on your part. SoV is a very average console RPG that only really stood out because it was the first of its kind for the Megadrive. If you consult the Mean Machines review PDF (just under the game summary) you'll find that way back when the game was released, it got decent, but not impressive review scores.

We're all guilty of lording up certain titles - I can't help banging on about Golden Axe even though it's clearly inferior to other scrolling fighters like Streets of Rare and Final Fight. I'm certainly not going to hold it against you because you love SoV. It's always heartening to see someone speak so strongly about a game they love.

Oh, and my console RPG knowledge is just fine, thanks.




Jimbob, I think you're off your rocker with that nonsense about SoV being the best Genesis RPG. I would rank Phantasy Star II, PSIII, and the Shining Darkness series well above SoV.



JNoodles said:

...This game is the worst RPG I have ever played. (No, I have not played Double Dungeons and never intend to as of now)

__Mii be you


Mii be you said:

This game has a review. Go to the youtube video, pick menu then pick "Crappy Games: Sword of Vermillion (Genesis)".



Sharecrow said:

I actually liked this game, but I may be biased since it was the first 16-bit RPG I ever played. I beat it over and over. I agree with the comments noted in the review, though. At the time I looked past all of that stuff. I don't think I'll be downloading it again, though, because I have already beat it so much. Maybe someday I will, but not soon....

I feel compelled to point out that I think this game had pretty good music, too.

I think it is worth playing in my opinion, but any RPG fans who approach should be advised that it has both pluses and minuses....

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